Lift Refurbishment & Modernisation

Keeping the UK’s existing lift stock up to standard

Stannah Lift Services have a comprehensive Lift Refurbishment and Lift Modernisation service for all types and makes of lifts. Stannah can take on the role of main contractor if required, in order that we can assist you in keeping your lift in the best possible working order.

Lift Refurbishment

We usually start by carrying out a detailed survey of your lift so that we can then put forward our recommendations for lift refurbishment or modernisation in the form of a detailed specification. The work undertaken during a lift modernisation might include the following:

  • Modifying your lift to comply with current standards/legislation, such as: The Equality Act (formerly DDA); Health & Safety Legislation; The Lifts Regulations (1997); BS7255 Safe Working on Lifts; EN81-80
  • Aesthetic enhancements to the lift car and landing doors/entrances
  • Enhancements to control/drive systems to improve: Reliability; Ride quality; Traffic flow
  • Automatic re-levelling
  • Travel Speed

Lift Modernisation

An old lift does not necessarily need replacing in its entirety. In fact, doing so may be extremely difficult due to the design or layout of the existing installation. Instead, you can have a lift modernised whereby obsolete components are replaced by their modern equivalent. A lift modernisation would normally be a larger job than a lift refurbishment, and would involve us carrying out a detailed survey of your lift in order that we can put forward our recommendations in the form of a detailed specification.

For further information on our lift refurbishment and modernisation services please complete the National Contracts contact form, or contact your local service branch.