Working to give access at a key teaching hospital

Around the country, our domestic and commercial teams are continuing work in challenging circumstances, keeping people and goods moving safely and smoothly. One project we have recently completed is the refurbishment of a lift at a key teaching hospital providing the majority of inpatient services for a community of around half a million people.

The project, led by the Gateshead branch, had been ongoing for some months when it suddenly became a priority in the light of the recent crisis. The 28-person bed passenger lift serving three floors was undergoing a complete lift modernisation, including new hydraulic equipment, new car and landing entrances and a new car interior. Wards that the lift was servicing have recently been allocated as potential bed space for COVID patients so the race was on to get the job finished and handed over to the hospital.

As with so many projects, last-minute adjustments and delays with parts and resource was in danger of holding up the testing and handover. Due to some of these reasons towards the tail-end of the project the Major Projects Team assisted the Gateshead branch in getting the refurbishment handed over. Although under immense time pressure, by working coolly and calmly the team were able to complete testing and handover to the client. 

A huge well done to the Gateshead branch and the Major Projects team for taking up such an important challenge at such short notice! A brilliant example of our teams rallying around each other for the benefit of the business and, most importantly, at this time of such pressure on our health service, the NHS.