December Blogs From Stannah

This month the focus has been on lifts for material handling, with restaurants busily working on the dinner rush (where they can) or warehouses ramping up for Christmas deliveries. If you’re thinking about goods or service lifts for your business, or love lifts as much we do then why not take a look below:

Everything You Need to Know About Mezzanine Goods Lifts: What are the benefits of installing one and how they can help you increase efficiency and safety in a warehouse? We explain more…

What is a food lift?:  It’s actually dumbwaiter(!), also known as service lifts, catering lifts, kitchen lifts and restaurant lifts. They are the extra pair of hands, businesses and people need to move all sorts of items between different floor levels. 

Cage lifts vs goods lifts the choices and differences: Not all types of goods lifts are the same, whilst both help material movement and reduce manual handling risks there are some key differences…

And for all lift owners out there, we’re talking about lift inspections and why looking after your lift will save time, money and hassle.

Our blog has a wealth of information, so whatever your interest in lifts there’ll be something to read!