Keeping customers in need mobile and independent

In these strange times, it’s good to take a minute to understand why businesses around the country are continuing to operate and how they are supporting the national effort against coronavirus.

Falls in the over 65s are the biggest single cause of emergency hospital admissions. The more people we can keep safe in their homes at any time, but particularly now with such pressure on both health and social care services, the better for the battle against coronavirus.

It’s vital that we keep the stairlifts that are out there in perfect working order, attending breakdowns and repairs to ensure people can safely use them.

Mrs N has had her stairlift for over a year now, initially getting it following a fall that left her with a broken pelvis. The stairlift has been central to her recovery. Once back to full health Mrs N no longer necessarily needed the stairlift every time she went up or down stairs, but it was a godsend first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Mrs N’s trusty Stannah stairlift came back to full use after she tore a ligament her knee and once again she cannot do without it. So, when she dropped something in the mechanism she was delighted that a service engineer was on hand to help her within just an hour or two.

“I want to thank Stannah for the professional way your engineer responded, making sure I was well before coming in to the house, washing his hands and making sure he kept his distance. He’s an absolute credit to Stannah. I don’t know what I’d do without my precious stairlift, it is the best thing I have bought in years”

Whilst we have reduced our operations considerably we want to make sure that those who need us most can still rely on us during this difficult time.