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With over 150 years of lift expertise, we have the skills, competence and knowledge to assist you with all your lift queries and responsibilities. Our blog covers everything to do with new lifts, stairlifts & lift maintenance.

From tips to help you prolong your stairlift’s battery life, introduction to Sabbath lifts to guidance on LOLER, lift examinations and supplementary tests.

See our latest three blogs:

Everything You Need to Know About Stairlift Batteries - We’ve answered every question a stairlift owner might have around stairlift batteries, the common problems and top tips to have handy. 

An Introduction to Sabbath Lifts - Yes, you read correctly, there’s a type of passenger lift called Sabbath lifts (or “Shabbos lifts”) and are commonly used in synagogues or areas with a large Jewish population - particularly in buildings with multiple floors. 

Guide on LOLER, Thorough Lift Examination & Supplementary Tests - The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998, commonly known as LOLER, are important regulations that lift owners/operators need to adhere to. Find all answers about thorough lift examination, supplementary lift testing and who’s certified to make those inspections in our newly updated blog post. 

Our blog has a wealth of information, so whatever your interest in lifts there’ll be something to read!