A shining example ...

A shining example … 

Peter Perry, Managing Director, Stannah Lift Services (M&R Division)

Peter Perry is a shining example of how to make a career with Stannah - from Apprentice Lift Installer to Managing Director - albeit with a few years off for good behaviour.

So when did you discover Stannah?

Peter explains:

“I left school and attended a whole stream of interviews and tests to secure some training in engineering. That was what always interested me. I went to the G.P.O. (telecoms) along with many more school leavers and spent three days sitting tests, only to discover I had to wait weeks to know if I had been accepted. Impatient, I followed up other opportunities and one of them was with Beards Motor Rewinders in Greenwich. The interview went well so I was surprised when he asked me if I had other interviews. Well, I have one with Stannah, was my reply. The interviewer replied that he would offer me a job but ‘if I were you’, he said ‘I would go with Stannah. That is a great opportunity and I’d be doing you a disservice to persuade you to take this job. Stannah is where you will find greater opportunity.’ Well - what a recommendation!”

So, in September 1973 Peter joined Stannah to complete his apprenticeship in London and qualify as a lift installer. Looking for new pastures, Peter left Stannah for lift company Schindler, later joining Budget (Otis) as a chargehand engineer, then moving to Hi-Tech as a supervisor. In 1986 Peter returned to Stannah as a maintenance manager in the, then, London branch.

Peter’s career with Stannah Lift Services then gathered pace. He became Branch Manager of the Dartford branch, adding Crayford branch (now Orpington) in quick succession. Peter became Service Director in 1996 and then Managing Director in 2015.

After all these years Peter, what is it about your work that gets you out of bed in the morning?

“The love of engineering. I have the same passion for engineering that I had on day one in the industry. I love the unpredictability of my job - no two days are the same, and the people I work with make it all worthwhile. Stannah has integrity, an open and friendly culture and a real desire to do the very best for our customers, from a single consumer to a huge corporate client.”

Do you have a priority you are working on right now Peter?

“The most important aspect of my job is health and safety - ensuring everyone is safe at the end of each working day. Nothing is more important than safety. A close second is my role in driving performance and innovation in what we do.”

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve come across while working for Stannah?

“There are so many, but one of the earliest memories was coming across Mercury Arc rectifiers in a lift controller. It’s mercury and gas in a glass that has bright blue beams of electric charge - fascinating. More recently I had the opportunity to travel in the lift with the longest travel in the world (125 stops) and the fastest lift (18m per second) in Shanghai Tower with our suppliers and business partners, Shanghai Mitsubishi. Amazing.”

What’s the biggest misconception about Stannah you have come across?

“That we are purely a stairlift business - and this is probably brought about by the huge success of the advertising and marketing of stairlifts over the last 40 years. This sort of misconception used to frustrate me but now I take pride in this success and it gives me the opportunity to tell people the whole story of Stannah, both past and present. It always makes a great introduction!”

Finally, wearing your engineering hat Peter, is there still a dream job that has alluded you to date?

"As a proud Londoner I would love to install a lift in Big Ben. Nothing is impossible…”