A Stannah Partnership That Was Meant to Be! (Stannah Staff Portraits – Pete Canning)

It is over 150 years since Joseph Stannah founded the company in the London docks and today Stannah employ over 1700 people. Like our founder Joseph Stannah, we recognise the importance of our staff and the role they play in our engineering expertise.                               

Pete Canning is the Installation Manager for the Passenger Lifts Division. Although he has only been directly employed by Stannah for 5 years, he has been working with/alongside Stannah since his first job when he left school, so it seems it was an inevitable partnership.

Pete explains further:

“As soon as I left school and started to work for my uncle’s installation business, my path immediately crossed with Stannah.”

So how did your Stannah career progress?

“After various sub-contractor roles within the lift industry; five years ago, I finally became a Stannah employee.

My first role within the business was as a Passenger Lifts Tester, where I was responsible for conducting weight and safety checks and running the set-up."

After three years in the role, Pete was promoted to the position of Product Support Manager where he worked in both the drawing and the technical office, then after a year took over the role of Installation Manager for the Passenger Lifts Division.

How has the Passenger Lifts Technical Team changed over the last couple of years?

“There has definitely been a change of focus when it comes to the type of projects we now work on in the passenger lifts division. The main shift has been the the size of the projects we are now able to bid for - due to our increased capability which has grown enormously in the last few years.

As a compny, we take a hands-on approach and offer solutions to our customers that are tailored to their individual requirements. We know our where our strengths lie and we only take on passenger lift projects our expertise is best suited to.”

A typical day for Pete in is role is normally either spent in the office supporting the drawing office, supervising contract managers or handling technical queries/dealing with customer expectations about any of the projects. The rest of the time Pete can be found on site overseeing ongoing  projects and offering support and assistance wherever possible.

What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now and how are you making it happen?

“We are currently working on two major projects, one of which is our largest ever passenger lift installation project at Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield, London and as part of the redevelopment, we are installing seven 33-person and three 17-person passenger lifts.”

The Chase Farm Hospital project is one of Stannah Lits Ltd’s largest ever installation but they’ve risen to requirements, Pete says; “The team has managed the passenger lift installations from the start of the project and we are extremely proud of this complete, end-to-end, single solution to a top-level requirement. This is a project which commenced in spring 2016 and we are working to a strict deadline, as the new facility is due to open this summer.

The other major project we are currently working on is the installation of ten, 13-person duplex passenger lifts in the new, £18bn nuclear power station to be built at Hinckley Point in Somerset. As you can imagine, installing lifts within a nuclear site is not without it’s challenges!

Taking ten years to construct, the new plant ‘Hinckley Point C’ is scheduled to begin generating electricity in 2025.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on at Stannah?

“The Postal Museum is one of the most fascinating projects I’ve ever worked on and it will remain one of my most memorable experiences due it’s uniqueness. We installed three 8 person passenger lifts (one an evacuation lift) and a Midilift platform lift to give access to visitors.

Visiting the site and getting to see all of the old, underground mail tunnels for myself was truly unforgettable.”

Could you be the next person to join Stannah? It’s more than 150 years since Joseph Stannah established the company in 1867 and we remain as committed as ever to the recruitment, and development of talented people – find out about our careers.