A Thank You to the UK's Facilities Managers on World FM Day

Once a year, the Global FM industry honours the FM professionals, as the evolution of our urban environment has redefined the importance of building management services, their role has become more integral and more impactful than ever before.  

This year’s World FM Day, on May 13th, acknowledges the importance of sustainability and celebrates and respects the environment we all live in. As Duncan Waddell, Chairman of Global FM said: “We recognize that FM professionals have a significant role to play with the environment that we continually seek to minimize the impact.” 

Depending on your building portfolio, you can outsource facility management to an FM company or you can manage the facilities services internally. 

FM duties often involve challenging and complicated tasks. They cover anything from building and utilities management including maintenance and repair works; to responding to environmental and sustainability issues, such as green procurement and waste management; and helping buildings adhere to current regulations and standards, such as recommended and safe working procedures. 

Stannah Lift Services is on FM professional side, sponsoring FM events, showing appreciation, and respecting their vital role within a built environment. And we will continue to do so. Stannah as your local and national lift and lift service company often help FMs with maintenance and repair works. 

Facilities management professionals, just like lifts, are the invisible force operating around the clock to ensure that the built environments we work or live, play or learn, are safe, efficient, and sustainable.  Particularly as our FMs are busy across the country making preparations in response to COVID to make buildings safer. 

For all the FM professionals out there, for all the past, present, and future collaborations - we would like you to thank you for all your hard work and for ensuring our buildings are functional and safe for everyone to use.

So thank you and happy FM day!