Tips on how to safely clean and use your lift

COVID has changed the way we work and move around. Now, more than ever we need to be mindful of all the surfaces we touch. 

In today’s challenging times, in demanding environments such as hospitals and care homes, supermarkets, warehouses and distribution centres - people still rely heavily on lifts for transportation. Hence, we have some useful tips on how you can safely use and clean your lift. 

For building owners and facilities managers, we have a short guide to cleaning your lift for your convenience. Follow our 5 simple steps for a clean lift where everyone will feel safe to use it. 

And for the rest of us, as lift users, check our top tips on how to safely use a lift during COVID outbreak and whilst social distancing measures last. 

We believe by getting together we can quickly overcome the impact of this virus and wish you all the best during this uncertain period.