Goodsmaster range

Goods-only lifts that make easy work of heavy loads

Our Goodsmaster goods-only lifts offer a wide range of models that can carry loads of up to 2000kg over distances of up to 15m, or 5 stops.

Designed to make easy work of heavy loads, Goodsmaster lifts are the perfect solution for moving bulky goods between floors or to elevated storage areas, such as mezzanine levels. We can also supply lifts with even larger capacity – please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

Housed within their own rapidly-erected, self-contained steel structure, Goodsmaster lifts can be installed almost anywhere within a matter of days, subject to builders' work.

If there are low pit or headroom requirements, we have models available to cater for these needs. Optional intercom systems can be positioned at each landing entrance to enable ease of communication between staff sending and receiving goods. This goods lift range also offers a choice of either hinged or collapsible concertina gates, ensuring that there is a Goodsmaster model suitable for almost any situation.

There are two main types of Goodsmaster lifts, both offering different specifications

Goodsmaster Classic - for loads up to 1500kg and travel up to 15m, it makes easy work of moving heavy loads over multiple levels

Goodsmaster CD - for loads up to 2000kg and travel up to 9m, it's the perfect solution for when headroom is more limited.

The Goodsmaster range at a glance

Standard load From 500kg to 2000kg (larger options are available on request)
Maximum travel Classic: 15m / CD: 9m
Headroom Classic: 3.15m / CD: 2.7m
Speed of travel Up to 0.2m/s
Choice of sizes Extensive options available – contact Stannah for details
Lift contols Fully automatic call and send controls at each landing entrance
Configurations Up to two entrances on each floor; single or through-car
Power supply 415v three phase

Download our Goodsmaster Classic or Goodsmaster CD brochures for full product details and options information. For more technical information such as data sheets and CAD blocks visit our Technical Area.