While we try to make sure every stairlift is in tip-top condition, factors such as time and wear can sometimes result in issues arising. Here we’ve compiled a few of the more common stairlift problems, as well as how to solve them. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact your local service branch, who will assist further.

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Why won't my stairlift move?

If your stairlift isn’t moving, firstly check it is receiving power: double-check the on/off switch and the master power switch, then turn the key from the off to the on position. Next, check that the chair is swivelled fully to its travelling position and ensure nothing obstructs the safety edges. If none of this works, you should contact a Stannah service engineer to help you further.

How do I stop my stairlift from beeping?

Your stairlift will often beep if the batteries are not charging correctly. If this happens, first double-check that the wall connection is switched on and the cable is fully connected. If so, check the lift is parked correctly at either the top or bottom of the stairs - the battery will not charge if the chair is parked incorrectly. If the stairlift continues to beep, contact your Stannah service branch, and an engineer will help you further.

Why isn’t my stairlift remote control working?

The most common cause of a remote control not working is due to dead batteries. Once the batteries have been removed and replaced, your remote control should start working again. If this does not fix the issue, contact your local service branch to arrange for a replacement.

My automatic swivel doesn't work.

If your automatic swivel stops working, you will need to contact your local Stannah service branch for a repair. Until fully repaired, you can locate the manual swivel levers under the seat.

How do you reset a stairlift?

To reset a stairlift, turn the power off for 30 seconds, then turn the power back on again.

Why is my stairlift stopping short of stairs?

If a stairlift stops before it has reached the top of the stairs, there may be an issue with the rail it runs along. Firstly, check that there are no obstructions present and remove any objects or blockages that may be causing your stairlift to stop. Secondly, check that the rail is clean and dry. If this doesn’t fix the issue, contact your local service branch, who will help further.

Why is my stairlift running slowly?

Issues with the stairlift battery commonly cause slow running. Firstly, ensure that the power is turned on at the wall and the chair is correctly parked (to allow the battery to charge correctly). If the problem persists, contact your local service branch, who can help troubleshoot the issue further and replace the battery if needed.

Why is my stairlift noisy?

If your stairlift has started making more noise than usual whilst running, you will need to get it looked at by a service engineer. There may be issues with the internal elements, such as the motor that may need repairing or replacing, contact your local service branch, who will help further.

How to move a stairlift manually?

If you have a hinged rail, ensure the rail is fully lowered and locked in position. If your stairlift still does not move: Turn the power key to the off position and then back on. Move and hold the control in the direction of travel for a few seconds, after which the stairlift should start.

Top tips

  • If you are home alone, we always recommend that you carry a mobile phone so can alert others if you need help.
  • Keep your local branch or supplier number handy for emergencies.
  • It’s always a good idea to ask someone else to be around to help you troubleshoot.
  • If your stairlift stops on the stairs, it’s best to stay seated and see if you can restart it or summon assistance. If you do have to get off make sure you can do so safely, take it slowly and ideally have someone to help you.

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