Need a stairlift removed from your home? We can remove and replace any domestic lift quickly and safely.

We hope that your lift has given you many years of reliable trouble-free service, but we also understand that all lift equipment has a life cycle, depending on its make, model and use.

It can be difficult deciding what to do with a lift that no longer serves its purpose. Whilst a domestic lift has a long lifespan, every product will eventually reach the point where the most economical solution is complete removal and replacement. Events such as bereavement or relocation may also mean it’s time for a change.

We're here to help with any of your Stannah removal or replacement needs, please contact our customer service team on 01264 345474 or for support.

Stairlift replacement & removals

If you’ve moved house into a property with an unwanted stairlift, or no longer require your current Stannah lift, you’ll likely wish to have it removed. We aim to recycle as many components as possible and dispose of all unused parts in an environmentally friendly way. Removing a stairlift safely requires man-hours and transportation costs, which results in a fee.

Temporary removal, moving or relocating a stairlift

Don’t let your stairlift get in the way of your redecoration or new carpet – we can help! With our temporary removal service, our stairlift engineer will work with your carpet fitter or decorator to ensure the stairlift is out of the way before they arrive and back in place after the work is completed. If you need to move your stairlift due to house move you’ll often find your current stairlift needs adjusting to fit the new space. If this is the case please speak to our Stairlift customer service team. 

Selling a used stairlift

If your Stannah stairlift is well looked after, has been regularly serviced and less than three years old from new, then we may be able to buy it back. Due to the work required in removing, reconditioning and redistributing a stairlift, we will only be able to offer a small payment of around 5-10% of the original sale price.

Home lift removals and replacements

If you need a through-floor or standalone domestic lift removed or replaced, Stannah has the capability for both. We aim to recycle as many components as possible, removing a lift safely requires man-hours and transportation costs, which may result in a fee. For a home lift replacement, following a visit to your property, we’ll advise the best way to help and guide you through the process of removing the old lift and installing the new one.

Stannah Removal or Replacement required?

Whether you wish to move or dispose or anything in between – we’ll happily talk you through it. Simply contact our customer service team on:

01264 345474