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Questions about goods lifts? Stannah have all the answers

25 Feb 2013
Questions about goods lifts? 
Stannah have all the answers

‘Goods Lifts - Your Questions Answered’ is our new information booklet designed to act as a guide to identifying your need, evaluating the potential loads and frequency of travel and answering all those questions that inevitably arise when considering a goods or service lift.

If you are responsible for moving goods then you may have considered investing in a lift to improve operations, cut costs and protect your staff from injuries caused by manual handling. At Stannah we aim to provide our customers with products fit for purpose, but understanding what best suits your needs can be confusing. Our easy-reference downloadable advisory booklet should prove an invaluable reference for all goods lifts related considerations. The new publication contains advice on current Lift Regulations and Standards, clarifying your responsibilities and those of your lift provider. 

With thousands of dumbwaiter service lifts and larger goods lifts installed and relied on right across the UK we know that lifts are vital to business efficiency. To keep our (and other manufacturers) lifts in tip-top condition we have more than 350 Stannah lift engineers nationwide, who are asked questions every day. 

For your copy of the new Stannah information booklet – ‘Goods Lifts – Your Questions Answered’ please go to



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