Our expertise in the Commercial Sector

Keeping people and goods moving in commercial environments

The corporate world simply expects the circulation of people and goods within commercial buildings to be efficient and safe. Our lifts meet both those criteria.

Our passenger-moving lifts are installed in thousands of commercial buildings, the length and breadth of the UK – keeping people and goods moving in low and medium-rise buildings.

Combined, our platform and passenger lifts can cover moving any number of people, over a wide range of travel and our bespoke lift capability extends our experience into the high-rise sector. Platform lifts are ideal for smaller premises, meanwhile our passenger lifts are perfect where traffic is a little higher. With a full complement of finishes and options you can customise your lift so it perfectly blends with the building interior.

Our service and goods lifts are busy working behind the scenes in offices, warehouses, hotels and spas - moving files in dumbwaiters, roll-cages and pallets in goods lifts and goods attendant lifts, through to bespoke car lifts and escalators in car show rooms.

Our refurbishment services can upgrade existing lifts, increasing performance and saving energy, and so meeting new industry standards. We can modernise every aspect of your lift, including modernising existing motor rooms or providing motor-roomless drives, so freeing up more space within your building.

Contact us to discuss your requirements – we know we can help.