Our expertise in the Retail Sector

Keeping people and goods moving in the busiest retail environments

From the UK’s leading supermarkets to the smallest coffee shop, our products are working hard to ensure great customer service.

We install and maintain escalators, passenger and goods lifts for essential internal and external circulation, from moving walkways for trolley-shopping, passenger and platform lifts for vertical access, large goods lifts for stock movement and service lifts for that extra pair of hands. Every one of our lift products is essential in the UK’s vibrant retail market.

We provide services for product removal, replacement and refurbishment to help retailers maintain the ultimate performance of all their lifting equipment, ensuring customer safety and meeting or exceeding all regulations.

Our national contracts department provides a single point of contact for multi-national retail maintenance portfolios. We support retail premises facilities teams to make their life a little easier.

The demands of the 24/7 retail market is met head-on with out of hours working and our national service structure. We know our retail clients rely on us to keep their customers and stock moving, minimising store disruption and delay.

Contact us to discuss your requirements – we know we can help.