Case Study: ASDA, Andover

Stannah Lift Services have supplied and installed five moving walkways in a brand-new, flagship ASDA store in the Hampshire town of Andover.

Stannah were absolutely delighted to supply moving walkways to Dawnus Construction on behalf of ASDA for Andover’s newest and most eagerly awaited development, particularly as Andover is the home of Stannah and hundreds of their employees will be using the walkways on a regular basis.

Moving walkways are crucial to the successful movement of people around the extensive ASDA store. Three walkways take shoppers, with trolleys, from the car park to the first-floor retail area with two further units providing access to an additional mezzanine shopping level.

Finished in brushed stainless steel and clear glass with matt black balustrades, all five walkways contribute an integrated vertical transport system that enhances both appearance and operation. Installed in early 2008, and serviced by the Southern England service branch of Stannah Lift Services, the moving walkways have given seam-free performance ferrying thousands of shoppers around this major store.

"Since opening in March 2008, this store sees an average footfall of about 42,000 customers a week. All five Stannah walkways are taking the strain and performing admirably, especially the three walkways that see the heaviest traffic from ground to first-floor retail levels."
Les Clemo, General Store Manager, ASDA Andover

A complex installation goes smoothly


In most cases, each moving walkway is delivered in just two orthree sections to be assembled on site. At the ASDA location, each section of the two first-floor walkways was carefully lifted and ‘posted’ through a purpose-built opening at retail level to be assembled alongside its permanent position. The process was repeated for the three remaining walkways but this time the assembly took place on the ground-floor car park level.

Smooth and quiet ride

Designed on the principles of minimal friction, vibration and noise, Stannah ST moving walkways offer not only superbly smooth and quiet ride, but also enjoy minimal wear and fatigue, high efficiency and offer exceptional durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Features include:

  • Low vibration and low noise motor and gear drive
  • Acoustically treated one piece die-cast aluminium pallets
  • Robust truss structure
  • Rigid and precision guide rails

Energy efficiency

ST family moving walkway is designed for efficient operation. In addition to the standard efficient worm gear drive, numerous options are available to enhance the energy efficiency:

  • High efficiency helical gear drive
  • Motor energy control
  • VVVF control
  • Auto start/stop control

Advanced control system

Inside our moving walkways is an advanced ADV microprocessor control system designed specifically for escalator and moving walkway application. The ADV control system closely monitors and controls the moving walkway operation with the following control capability:

  • Dot matrix LCD or LED display
  • MP3 voice announcement
  • Automatic start/stop control with passenger detection and time schedule operation
  • RS485 communication link for interface to BMS or remote monitoring system