Becoming a Trade Partner

Our promise to you...

As a supplier and manufacturer of service and goods lifts and related spare parts, we enable all our Trade Partners to successfully grow by expanding their lift product offering.

We are a proud UK engineering company and we have been in manufacturing since 1867. The central thought that has driven our business and brand for 150 years is that we’re a responsible and ethical family business and that safety and product quality are top priorities.

We understand the importance of flexibility and tailor our approach to meet specific partner needs. We work closely together to help promote products and ensure smooth logistics and communications flow. We express this with the words ‘We take care’. This is the essence of our brand, our central organising principle and our promise to you.

Working with us

We do not take on non-UK trade partners, but if you are based in Great Britain you can choose to become a Stannah Trade Partner. We can guide you every step of the way, offering:

  • A flexible, quality product range that gives you and your customers peace of mind and trouble-free maintenance
  • Smooth integration of our products into your business, whilst being easy to work with every step of the way; from promotional materials, to order, to builders works, to manufacture, to delivery and installation, to spares and servicing.
  • UK manufactured/supplied product with quick turnaround times, with the spares, service and support you expect.


If you are interested in becoming a Stannah Trade Partner, please fill out the general enquiry form and we will be in touch! If you are an existing trade partner simply click to log in to our trade portal here.