Goods Lifts that make moving heavy loads easy work

Heavy-duty lifts, reliable and sturdy, our range of goods lifts are the perfect solution for all building types, and are a favourite for back of house activities in retail units. Ideally suited wherever heavy and bulky goods need to be moved between floors and where space is limited. 

Whether you wish to move only goods or you need employees to use it while moving your stock & equipment, these lifts are designed and manufactured to carry up to 2000kg and are supplied with a self-contained steel structure, with the choice of hinged or collapsible concertina gates. 

The range comes with interlocking gates to prevent the movement of goods during travel, bump rails and even a ramp option when a pit is not possible. The Goodsmaster Plus enables up to 2 attendants to travel with the load, with enhanced car controls and safety features to do so.

Modular design, along with low pit and headroom requirements, means both models can be installed quickly and easily anywhere in your building and require minimal builder’s work. Whether used as a mezzanine lift, warehouse lift or other goods lift applications our reliable work-horse is a cost-effective solution that will handle your loads for years to come.

If safe and reliable material handling and keeping your shelves stocked is vital for your business, then trust in our lifting equipment.

Our Goodsmaster range at a glance

Model Load Travel
Pit depth* Speed
of travel
Shaft sizes** Lift controls Configurations Power
Door type
Goodsmaster CD
Goods only lift
500-2000kg 9m 2500-2950mm 100mm pit or ramp 0.15m/s
Width 1470-2470mm
Depth 1180-2180mm
Fully automatic call and send controls at each landing entrance Single or through-car 415V three-phase Concertina gate or single/ double hinged door
Goodsmaster CD Plus
Goods attendant lift
Additional controls & emergency communication in lift car
* The Goodsmaster serves at floor level, if you cannot provide a pit, it can be installed to serve 100mm above and a ramp installed.
** Width and depth dimensions available in 100mm increments.

Goodsmaster CD product brochure

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Features and benefits

Flexible design

With low pit and headroom requirements, the range is ideal for moving goods between floors or as mezzanine goods lifts.

Reducing manual handling hazards

Installing a Goodmaster helps to reduce the risk of injury that comes with manual handling. Whether it is for warehouses, retail shops or elsewhere, it makes material handling faster and safer.

Quick and easy install

A modular design and structure supported frame mean our engineers will install your lift quickly and with minimal disruption to your premises.

Support every step of the way

From start to finish our dedicated team will be beside you. Once in service, your Goodsmaster can be maintained in tip-top condition day in, day out, by our dedicated service engineers.

Design & Planning

  • All technical information and NBS specifications are available to download
  • Consultation with our design team on planning and specification
  • Free site visit to survey your building and find the perfect lift for you
  • Not sure what you’re looking for? Speak to our expert technical support team who will be happy to talk you through the options


  • Typically installation time is 8-10 days for a two-stop lift
  • Minimal builder's work required, with our dedicated team will managing the lift installation from delivery to handover
  • Once the installation is completed, we test, commission and UKCA mark your lift
  • Complies fully with the Essential Safety Requirements (ESRs) of the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008


  • Twelve-month warranty & servicing included as standard
  • Local maintenance service right across the UK, so an engineer is never far away
  • Our preventive maintenance solutions ensure safe, continuous operation, with options for 24/7, 365 days a year cover
  • Supply of genuine UK stocked spare parts to prolong your lift’s life and reduce downtime

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