Our expertise in the infrastructure sector

Lifts for railways, airports and major public infrastructure

From goods and passenger lifts to escalators and moving walkways, we install and maintain reliable step-free access options for demanding public infrastructure environments creating access for all in the UK.

Lifts, escalators and moving walkways for public infrastructure  

Complete step-free access projects benefit a wide spectrum of people, including parents with prams and a wide range of people with disabilities. We’re helping to shape the future, with compliant step-free access for underground and railway stations, airports, and other major projects.

The requirement to improve accessibility with reliable, safe and hard-wearing lifts and escalators is increasingly being considered. With inclusive transport strategy, large public infrastructure projects like railway stations, underground stations and airports need especially reliable and hard-wearing lifts. 

Just as importantly, they take sharp project management to complete work such as station upgrades with minimal disruption – especially in a fast-paced environment where many contractors work at once.

When it comes to complex lift engineering, Stannah has a specialist Major Projects Division - a specialist department that works on technically complex projects, typically in heritage sites such as Winchester Cathedral, or infrastructure, such as our extensive work for access for all Network Rail. 

We have a range of heavy-duty passenger lift models that can handle high-traffic spaces with changes in the flow of people passing through; and often create specially designed bespoke lifts for public infrastructure projects.  If you need to specify a lift to improve access creating airport accessibility, step-free bridges, and step-free stations, the Major Projects team can help you select the right lift solution to ensure fully accessible and inclusive building design.

Public infrastructure projects also require competent project management to complete the works within the planned time. There are many dependencies along the way, especially projects where several contractors' processes must work at once. From single units to nationwide portfolios of sites, our team is happy to handle all building and electrical works as well as the lift equipment – so you can focus on the rest of your project.

Besides supporting our national railways, you can find our lifts installed at Heathrow, Luton and Bristol airports – and even on the Severn Bridge, where two of our six-person traction lifts have been operating since 1988.

The benefits of lifts for the infrastructure sector

  • Accessibility
    Having a lift opens up your services for those with disabilities or children in pushchairs who would otherwise struggle to navigate between floors using stairs or escalators.
  • Compliance with DDA
    Ensuring access for all is a legal requirement under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This can be achieved by installing lifts between floors to open access routes for those who are unable to use the stairs.
  • Staff safety
    Moving heavy or bulky goods between floors can put staff at risk. Installing platform or goods lifts between floors is an excellent way to mitigate this risk and efficiently transport goods to where they need to go.

Access for infrastructure: tailored lifts, escalators and more 

Whatever the size or demands of your access improvements, we have the equipment you need, including lifts, moving walkways, and escalators. Explore our full product range for more options, and remember: that every installation is unique. Our team will work with you to identify the right units for your project and tailor them to your specifications and requirements.

Ongoing partnerships: our work with Network Rail

We’ve been working with Network Rail for decades, installing, modernising and maintaining over 1,400 lifts and escalators at stations across the UK, in line with the government’s Access for All programme.

We often work alongside other contractors on major transformation projects with tight turnaround times, providing units to a bespoke National Rail specification.

Our projects with Network Rail include:

  • Birmingham New Street Station and The Grand Central Birmingham Shopping Centre
    As part of a £750 million regeneration, we installed 41 lifts and escalators across the station and shopping centre. This included bespoke units and adjustments to accommodate Grade II listed features, limited space and existing structures.
  • Haymarket Station, Edinburgh
    To help manage high footfall and congestion, we customised three lifts to fit narrow shaft constraints and allow through-car access for this Category A listed station.
  • London Bridge Station
    We helped update Central London’s oldest station as part of its award-winning modernisation under the Thameslink Programme, installing eight passenger lifts, two goods lifts, and a Lowriser platform lift.

With a high concentration of railway stations in and around the capital, we’ve established a dedicated London Infrastructure Branch, which focuses on our installations at London Bridge, Waterloo, several DLR stations, and more.

Fully certified engineers working on pre-approved equipment

Every engineer who works on a railway project is certified by the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme and holds Personal Track Safety status in line with NR/L2/CTM/021 – so you can have full confidence that they’re operating safely and well within the government guidelines.

Plus, all our lifts, escalators and moving walkways are compliant to industry standards, including the Governance for Rail Investment Process, and the Department of Transport’s NR/L2/CIV/193 design standard.

To learn more about our work on the UK’s infrastructure, explore our case studies, or contact us today to discuss your project.