Our steel frame lift structure makes passenger lift installation possible for any building

Is your building not strong enough to support the standard passenger lift loads and fixings in lift shaft construction? Using light-weight construction methods or timber frame building? Looking to create a glass lift structure? No problem.

We offer an extensive range of steel lift shaft structures as an alternative blockwork lift shaft construction, concrete lift shaft construction, or other typical lift shaft construction methods.

These structures are a popular solution in all sorts of new and existing buildings when the walls are not considered strong enough to support a wall-mounted model or building a load-bearing wall is out of the question. They provide a flexible solution to accommodate the loads imposed by the lift equipment and when combined with glass cladding these structures can enhance the aesthetics of a building.   

With over 2,500 FX structures installed, our steel frame structures are designed to give you flexibility, as well as reducing building time and costs. Unique to Stannah, our structure incorporates a lifting beam and negates the need for scaffolding within the shaft – saving both time and money on-site.

Our lift steel structure is ideal in existing buildings where the shaft is unable to take the required load or in a historic site where walls or building preservation is key. The steel lift shaft construction is built with light-weight construction methods, so is well suited to new buildings where fast construction speed and costs are the main concern.

We can install external lifts in an external lift structure, or a full panoramic glass shaft for outdoors, offering a completely new vantage point and a perspective you won’t find in many other properties. 

Our steel structures have been supplied in hundreds of buildings and railway stations as part of new passenger lift installations across the UK. To discuss structure installation options and suitability for your project, speak with our technical team.

Key features

  • A range of lift structure options, from our popular FX structure to structures for cladding with glass or other materials
  • The load is transmitted to the floor of the pit, eliminating the need to build a load-bearing blockwork shaft and shaft fixings
  • Lifting beam is built into the structure
  • Safe & quick installation - the structure is assembled on site as a scaffoldless installation
  • Can be installed externally & internally, as well as into existing lift wells with minimal builders work
  • Unique slipper plate design allows the building to move independently of the lift structure, eradicating the risk of timber shrinkage or building shrinkage damaging the lift and shaft
  • Designed & manufactured by Stannah in the UK

As an independent lift company with over 150 years of experience, we believe in taking a personal approach to each project. From highly customised technical drawings to a swift and tidy installation, we ensure that all your requirements and ideas are reflected in the finished product.

We have a wide range of experience in lift structure and frames and are always confident that we can provide the solution our customers are looking for. Our most popular option is the FX structure on our 8 person (630kg) passenger lifts and the technical details for this option can be found in our download area.

If you are looking for another size? Or another structure option? We offer a broad range of lift structures and options, therefore it’s always worth getting in touch with Stannah’s technical team to discuss the structural design of your lift shaft. Get in touch, we’d be happy to help.

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