Midilift Plus Cabin Platform Lifts

A lift that provides a cabin and automatic buttons

Our vertical Midilift Plus lift range combines all the advantages of a conventional wheelchair platform lift with the features of a traditional passenger lift to ensure access in any building.

Manufactured by us in the UK our cabin platform lifts are installed in a variety of structures, including their own structure-supported enclosure. A range of finishes and options enable the lift to complement your building interior.

The Midilift SLplus a cost-effective entry into our cabin platform lifts range, with a hydraulic drive and travel of up to 5m.

The Midilift XLplus is an energy-efficient MRL traction cabin platform lift, enclosed within a lift structure, for travel of up to 12m.

The Midilift range at a glance

Standard load 400kg
Maximum travel SLplus: up to 5m
XLplus: up to 12m
Speed of travel Up to 0.15m/s
Choice of sizes 3
Drive system SLplus: hydraulic (incl. external control system),
XLplus: traction (motor and controller within enclosure)
Lift controls Fully automatic cabin controls
Power supply SLplus: 240v single phase, 16 amp
XLplus: 240v single phase, 10 amp

Download the Midilift Cabin Lifts brochure for full product details and finishes. For more technical information such as data sheets, CAD blocks and BIM objects visit our Technical Area.