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We offer a range of lift maintenance contracts to suit your needs and requirements, regardless of make or model and where you are in the UK.  We cover everything from a dumbwaiter or platform lift in a school to a large passenger lift or escalator in a busy retail unit.

An annual maintenance contract for a lift will help to keep your lift in optimum condition, leading to fewer breakdowns, lower running costs and overall a more reliable lift. 

We believe in giving every service contract customer excellent service, whether you care for one or hundreds & thousands of lift products.

Contact your nearest service branch for the maintenance plan that suits your individual needs. 

Choice of elevator maintenance contracts

A newly installed product will typically cover servicing under warranty. Then once the warranty expires, the lift owner should seek a service contract. 


  • Regular servicing at specified intervals
  • Condition report on each service visit
  • Preventative maintenance


  • Regular servicing at specified intervals
  • Condition report on each service visit
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Normal working hours emergency breakdown cover 


  • Regular servicing at specified intervals
  • Condition report on each service visit
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Normal working hours emergency breakdown cover
  • Repairs

All contracts include regular maintenance visits, during which a lift engineer will inspect, clean, lubricate and adjust all appropriate components for optimum performance. After any site visit, we give a report outlining the work carried out to the lift owner. 

Additional add-ons include:

There are additional lift service contract options, which depending on the number of lift products and the building, may need to be considered: 

  • Supplementary testing of in-service products - 
  • Emergency breakdown cover - 24-hour or weekend emergency breakdown cover, depending on the lift location
  • Managed SIM service to cover phone line management
  • Online portal to track lift status

All of the lifts and escalators we maintain have an initial survey to establish the performance of your equipment. With this information, a risk assessment, and any site data we collect, we’ll produce a detailed lift maintenance plan to discuss with you, ensuring an appropriate plan is put in place for the ongoing maintenance of your lift(s) or escalators.

Whatever your service needs, we can help

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National service contracts for large lift portfolios

Depending on the size of your business, you may need assistance in managing an extensive portfolio of lift products. We recognise how stressful this can be, so our national contract services offer flexible bespoke solutions to efficiently support and manage your needs. 

Local authority stairlift and lift maintenance contracts 

We’re no strangers to managing service contracts for multiple Local Authorities across the UK. Each contract is managed locally by one of our 11 service branches, meaning we can provide 24/7 support 365 days a year. We work through the tendering process, ensuring we meet the expectations of each Local Authority - proving ourselves to be a reliable local partner and ensuring the efficient performance of all types of lift equipment. 

Trust in lift maintenance contracts from the experts

With Stannah, you benefit from the following:

  • Working with the UK’s leading lift maintenance company - With over 150 years of lift expertise, we actively work in the industry to improve safety and promote best practices.
  • Great coverage across the UK, with a local feel  - Our 11 service branches enable us to provide you with dedicated local service wherever you are in the UK.
  • Over 350 highly-trained engineers out in the field - to ensure quick response times and the technical experience to repair any equipment.
  • Planned preventative maintenance - During each maintenance visit, we take the time to inspect fully, test, service, lubricate and, where needed, make adjustments to reduce unexpected equipment failures and repair costs.
  • Complete condition reports - outlining the work carried out and identify any weak or faulty components, with possible upgrades/refurbishments to reduce running costs and improve efficiency.
  • Coverage of parts - Our size means we can secure replacement parts quickly to minimise lift breakdown time.
  • A trusted partner - working with you to support your service investment and forming strong relationships -  it’s one of the many reasons our customers stay with us long-term.

We manage over 1,400 assets for Network Rail across the UK and numerous supermarket clients, national retailers, high street stores, & restaurant chains. 

Stannah has the experience and expertise to help regardless of the make or model. 

Frequently asked questions

Here at Stannah, we understand that lift maintenance is essential to ensure it runs smoothly. We pride ourselves on making this process as painless as possible for our customers, with helpful and clear answers to the key questions shown below.

Do lifts have to be serviced?

Having your lift serviced is a legal requirement and ensures that your lift operates safely and efficiently.

What is a lift maintenance agreement?

A lift maintenance agreement (otherwise known as a service contract) is a series of scheduled services for your lift - designed to increase its efficiency, reliability and lifespan. Many of our service contracts also include breakdown cover. You can find more information on maintenance agreements here.

What services are included in your maintenance contracts?

We offer a comprehensive lift maintenance contract that includes regular servicing, breakdowns and repairs plus other benefits or a standard contract which includes regular servicing with optional breakdown cover and all other works charged at extra cost.

How many service visits do I need as part of my contract?

It depends on the type, age, condition and usage of your lift. The frequency of visits made when in a service contract will vary - typically from two to six service visits per year.

Can you maintain all types of lifts?

Yes. Our expertise is caring for a wide range of lift types and makes with experienced and qualified engineers who carry all the necessary spares in their service vans and have access via their PDA to our regional stores of less frequently used parts.

How can you help with an unreliable lift?

An unreliable lift can result from its age and condition or an inadequate or cheap maintenance regime from your service provider. In most cases, a simple survey or technical study by our team before the contract can offer you an economical improvement plan.

How much does a lift maintenance contract cost?

An elevator maintenance contract cost is determined by your individual requirements and budget. We remain competitive and compare favourably on price and service performance. For more specific information, please contact us.

What does a service visit involve?

During a service visit, an engineer will check the safety features on the lift, as well as clean, lubricate and adjust all components for optimum performance. A Stannah engineer would then complete a service report stating the work carried out and detailing any comments, such as suggested repairs or works of improvement not covered by the contract. A report is issued after each engineer visits to use as a maintenance record.

Will my lift be out of action while an inspection or service is taking place?

Yes. The engineer will need to check many items within the shaft/structure and motor room and so the lift will be ‘out of service’ while the engineer is on-site.

How often should I have my lift serviced?

The frequency of service visits depends on the lift you have, the number of floors served and the level and type of use it is subjected to. When deciding upon maintenance frequency, you should remember that servicing is about a preventative maintenance program, i.e. more service visits should result in a more reliable lift and lower running costs in the medium to long term.

What are the different types of servicing?

Servicing can either be proactive traditional or reactive modular types. Modular maintenance is an inspection only. Traditional servicing ensures engineers are allocated a service time to fully inspect, test, service, lubricate and adjust the lift.

Stannah believe in providing traditional, full preventative maintenance. This service regime is proven to increase the lifespan of the equipment, reduces the frequency of call-outs due to breakdown and fully optimises the condition of the assets.

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