Lifts for heritage buildings and historic sites

Disabled access in listed buildings

We work with the UK's leading heritage sites, to improve access without compromising on a building's unique character and original structure.

It's a common challenge for custodians of historic environments. How do you improve access in a way that is in keeping with the building itself, and meets both the Listed Building Regulations and Equality Act 2010?

Providing easy access to historic buildings

At Stannah, we specialise in providing lifts for historical and listed buildings. We help architects achieve a design vision, and assist facilities managers in accomplishing their lift maintenance and repair responsibilities. We also customise lifts to blend in and meet modern accessibility standards in historic sites such as Winchester Cathedral.

With our expert knowledge of designing and installing lifts for heritage, our engineers can help all building professionals with their projects, from a bespoke lift installation to reviving an existing lift. And because we have such a broad range of products, we truly believe we can supply the best for your heritage building in the UK – cost-effective and improving disabled access in a listed building where nothing seemed possible. 

A broad range of access solutions, and a creative approach

Just two of the listed building lift projects we've completed recently:

Most importantly, we listen carefully to what you want to achieve. And we work alongside you to find an answer to your own, unique challenge.  

After all, we have over 150 years of heritage of our own.

Please feel free to browse our heritage clients’ stories, or to contact our team. If you have a heritage project, we’ll be excited to hear from you. ​​​