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Investing in the continued reliability of your lift or escalator will keep traffic moving - hassle-free. Elevator upgrades are a cost-effective way to keep your lift running instead of a new lift replacement. 

As one of the leading lift refurbishment companies, Stannah has the expertise to bring any lift, escalator or moving walkway up to date, regardless of make or model. An escalator refurbishment or lift upgrade improves safety and gives immediate energy savings, improving the building's appearance and energy use.

Our extensive experience ranges from restoring heritage lifts to their former glory to modernising older lifts to meet the latest standards. Over the years, we've proven our ability to deliver, refurbishing hundreds of passenger lifts in busy Network Rail stations across the U.K. 

We can advise you on improving lift reliability and safety, enhancing appearance, reaping immediate energy savings, and conforming to the latest safety standards and regulations. Our highly skilled team will work with you throughout the modernisation process. Ensuring you're kept up to date and are left with a product that feels brand new.


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Experienced in a wide range of lift modernisations

An upgrade increases the lifts life expectancy and the benefits include:

  • Improved reliability and safety 
  • Happy building users 
  • Adding value to your building by enhancing the overall appearance
  • Better energy efficiency and reduced running costs
  • Conforming to the latest standards and regulations

Lift modernisations come in all shapes and sizes, from: 

  • Component upgrades - a quick and cost-effective way to make small improvements to your lift. 
  • Systems modernisation - improving the performance of your lift by updating entire systems, for example, the emergency communication devices, electrics, door operators or door systems.
  • Full replacements - completely removing your old lift and installing a brand new one in your existing lift shaft.

Our expert engineers will work with you to understand your lift performance and needs and recommend the most suitable option. 

Lift refurbishment


Lift refurbishment

Lift refurbishment can cover a range of improvements, from minor updates to major repairs; typical lift upgrades include:

  • Safety improvements, including; better-functioning car doors, more accurate landing levelling, improved lighting for visibility and safety, and two-way communication systems.
  • Cleaning, retrofitting and replacing any worn parts for their equivalent ones.
  • Replacing door operators, installing new control panels and updating control systems.
  • Car lift modernisations to improve aesthetics and light levels to give the lift car and entrance a more modern finish.
  • Upgrading regular passenger lifts to heavy-duty lifts so they are suitable for tougher environments and heavier use.

Moving Walkway and Escalator Modernisation


Moving walkway and escalator modernisation

There's a host of options to upgrade your escalator and moving walkway, including:

  • Features such as skirt brushes on the step-skirt interface, yellow safety combfingers, fluorescent step demarcation lighting, blue safety feet and more to maximise escalator safety.
  • Aesthetic upgrades to balustrades, decking, steps and lighting to refresh old finishes and update visually.
  • Component upgrades, like motors, new steps and rollers, deliver the latest technological improvements, resulting in a quieter, more comfortable ride experience and an increase in footfall.
  • In-truss replacement for a cost-effective and less disruption method for replacing an aged or poorly performing escalator

Trust in Stannah for refurbishment and modernisation services

As a leading lift modernisation company, Stannah keeps disruptions to a minimum. When working on a refurbishment (large or small), we ensure your people and goods continue to move safely throughout. 

Our expertise enables us to take on the main contractor (CDM) role for large-scale modernisation projects. The Birmingham New Street regeneration project is one of the many examples of clients we've helped. 

Whatever lift service you require, we will appoint a dedicated service manager to guide you through the process.

Frequently asked questions

What is lift modernisation?

Lift modernisation involves the replacement of obsolete components with their modern equivalents. Meaning new features can be added that were not available when the lift was installed. This results in a newer, safer lift that complies with the latest legislation and standards and offers improved reliability, enhances building flow and looks nicer!

Why modernise a lift?

Lift modernisation saves energy, improves reliability and lengthens the lifespan of your lift.

How much is lift modernisation?

Depending on where your building is located and the amount of work you need done, a typical lift modernisation cost will vary depending on the labour time and types of parts. Typical hydraulic lift upgrades include new controllers, door equipment, control operating panels, and tank units.

What is lift refurbishment?

A lift refurbishment is a process of modernising and upgrading an existing lift system to improve its performance, safety, and appearance. Lift refurbishments can be carried out on any type of lift, including passenger lifts, goods lifts, and service lifts.

How long does a lift modernisation take?

The scope of the modernisation will determine how long the process takes. A standard two to three-stop lift will typically take two to four weeks, however high travels and more complex machines will take much longer.

How long is the lifespan of a lift?

The typical life of a lift is between 20 and 25 years for a traction lift and 15 years for a hydraulic lift. It’s not uncommon for a well-cared-for lift to last 30 years, whereas a light-duty, cheaper lift may last only ten.

How often should lifts be refurbished?

It’s normal for a lift to be refurbished at least once during a building's lifespan, and possibly more.

What is the difference between refurbishment and modernisation?

The terms are pretty interchangeable. Refurbishment refers to the process of cleaning, retrofitting and replacing any worn or damaged parts for the same or similar parts. Modernisation is the process of upgrading your lift by replacing old components with their modern equivalent. Whichever you choose they will improve the quality, appearance, safety, effectiveness and running costs of the machine as well as ensuring it complies to the latest lift standards wherever possible.

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