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Are you looking for a versatile and durable floor-level lift to tackle manual handling and reduce the risk of injuries? Do you need more efficient movement of stock? Our range of trolley lifts provides the ideal solution for moving small goods and not so small goods (up to 500kg) between levels and/or mezzanine floors. 

Trolley lifts, also known as small pallet or service lifts, roll cage lifts or small goods lifts, perfectly fit the business needs of any catering area, restaurant, pub, small retail and light industrial unit. Our range of trolley lifts carries floor-level loads of trolleys, pallets and roll cages up to 18m/6 stops. If you are looking for a cost-effective, reliable workhorse to safely and reliably move stock, this is your choice. 

As its structure supported, the Trolleylift doesn't need a load-bearing lift shaft, which saves on builder's work and space requirements. The product has a collapsible gate car entrance protection, ensuring the car is fully enclosed whilst the lift is in motion. The high-quality reduction gearbox and balance drive system ensures low electrical consumption and a high-quality smooth operation - even after years of use. 

With our huge range of service lift sizes and dimensions available, you'll find the perfect solution. From moving meals for hungry school children to heavy documents on a trolley, a Trolleylift simplifies your tasks. Give your business a helping hand with manual handling by installing one of our lifts.

Our Trolleylift range

Model Type
Travel Shaft Pit depth
Car entrances
Standard 250 Model 250kg Concertina**
/ Hinged
0.17 6 stops / 18m 1320 1320 175 2600 415V
770 1090
Standard 300 Model 300kg 600*** 3000 770 1690
Higher Car 300 Model 300kg* 3200 770 1890
Custom Built 500 Model 500kg 0.15 6 stops / 12m Varies by lift car size 80-300 Varies by lift
Varies by lift
car size
*300kg on single entry only and 250kg on through / adjacent entry 
**No concertina gate option on 2000mm high car 
***A reduction in the pit depth on the 300kg model to 175mm is possible on certain models & configurations.

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Features and benefits

Reliable performance

We’ve installed over 2,000 Trolleylifts, many of which are still in use 40 years on – so we can guarantee a reliable product and excellent aftercare.

Reducing manual handling hazards

Your business depends on sturdy tools for loading and unloading and ensure a save working environment -  our lifts can help improve efficiency and reduce manual handling.

Quick and easy install

The Trolleylift does not require a load-bearing lift shaft, saving builder's work and required space. 

Support every step of the way

Our dedicated team will be beside you from start to finish.

Design & planning

  • All technical information and NBS specifications are available for you to download
  • Our sales and technical team can provide you with quotes and estimates
  • We also offer a free site visit to survey your building and find the perfect lift for you


  • We'll help ensure a smooth installation providing an exact goods lift drawing, builder's work requirements and visiting the site for installation readiness
  • Typical install time is 2 to 4 days for a two-stop
  • Once the installation is completed, we test and commission your lift

Planned maintenance

  • Twelve-month warranty & servicing included as standard, with options for 24/7, 365 days a year cover
  • Highly trained Stannah Lift engineers through our network of service branches take care of your lift
  • Excellent UK-stocked spare parts availability to increase your lift's life and reduce downtime

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Trolleylifts product brochure

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CAD blocks, datasheets and more to help you specify quickly

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Trolleylift?

A small lift for goods, also called a trolley lift, is a versatile small floor-level service lift for moving goods up to 500kg on trolleys or roll cages over several floors. They are ideal for transporting any type of load that is too heavy or bulky to carry from one floor to another, like pallets, crates, boxes, barrels, laundry or machine parts. These lifts suit small warehouses, restaurants, pubs and retail settings to help with back-of-house manual handling tasks.

Can a trolleylift be used for people?

No. These lifts suit floor-level loading of goods. They do not have a full-height lift car or the additional safety features required to take people. If you need someone to accompany goods in a lift, then consider a goods attendant lift. If transporting passengers is the primary use, then consider a passenger or platform lift.

Can a trolleylift be installed outside?

Yes, we supply outdoor trolly lifts.

What is the size of a trolleylift?

Our most popular trolley lift dimension is a 1000mm wide x 950mm deep x 1975mm high, loading capacity 300kg. This size will fit a roll cage or trolley.

How much does a trolleylift cost?

A hydraulic goods lift price will vary depending on the travel, number of stops, configuration, goods lift size, and additional options and finishes. Please contact us for a budget price.

Do you have used trolleylifts for sale?

We don’t sell second-hand lifts. These lifts are well-used, so we’d always recommend choosing a new product as it will be energy efficient, have new parts, and include warranty and servicing.

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