Our expertise in the Leisure Sector

Keeping people and goods moving in a wide range of leisure industry premises

Even in leisure, we're all in a hurry. With substantial and continuous footfall, lifts and escalators that provide access to leisure facilities are in constant demand.

Our elevator installations are in sports arenas and centres, theatres, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs all over the UK. Busy kitchens rely on our service lifts, or dumbwaiters, and workhorses are providing essential customer-service in thousands of catering venues, all day, every day. Vistors can gain easy access to family attractions, museums and restaurants using our platform lifts and passenger lifts, ensuring everyone is welcome - all with the flexibility to style the lifts with the building interior.

Installations and maintenance in the public domain needs careful planning and planned execution to ensure access is always maintained. We can work around your opening times to minimise disruption.

Regular maintenance is essential in a demanding leisure industry and that is why our lift engineers are never far away. For restaurant chains we can offer a national contract to ensure your lift portfolio right across the UK is locally serviced and kept in tip top condition. We know our lifts are relied on, so you can rely on us to keep them in good working order 24/7, every single day of the year.

Contact us to discuss your requirements – we know we can help.