When the time comes to replace a lift, we can guide you through all the options available, including complete replacement to allow you to future-proof your building.

Lifts have a shorter lifespan than any building, typically 15-25 years. Therefore it’s not unusual as part of the lifespan of the building to undertake an in-situ lift or service lift replacement, moving walkway replacement or escalator replacement.

Early signs you need to replace a lift include increased repair costs, breakdowns, older obsolete parts and the age of the lift. The same is true when considering a replacement escalator or replacement moving walkway.

Replace old and worn out with modern, eco-efficient lift products

A full lift replacement gives you a modern, efficient lift that allows you to increase the value of a building, improve people flow and meet the latest accessibility standards; of course, a newer lift also means newer technology and, therefore, energy savings. The benefits of lift replacement include:

  • Better performance
  • Improved appearance
  • Compliance with the latest standards and requirements
  • Energy efficiency gains
  • Potential increase in lift car size

A dumb waiter replacement can give your back-of-house staff a much-needed boost in increasing staff efficiency compared to an unreliable or broken lift and reduce lift running costs thanks to modern energy-efficient systems.

A lift replacement does not require the lift to be from the same manufacturer or the same type of product! So regardless of the existing lift, make or model, we can help. 

We’ve undertaken hundreds of lift replacements across the UK for happy customers. So, whether a passenger lift, dumbwaiter replacement or goods lift replacement, you can relax knowing we're here to advise, support and guide you throughout the process.


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Replace a lift with Stannah

At Stannah, we ensure we install and maintain to very high standards, our lift engineers are fully qualified, and we follow tried and tested procedures. For this reason, we have achieved many accreditations that are highly regarded by our customers throughout many different sectors.

Working with a specialist lift removal company, we can completely remove your old lift and install a brand-new, accessibility-compliant one in your building’s existing shaft or lift location. In some cases, working as the principal contractor, managing all associated works and temporary access provisions, and liaising with the client and residents to ensure everyone is up to speed.

As the costs vary greatly depending on the building, number of floors and type of lift, we’ll visit your premises to conduct a free site survey. To discuss the steps involved in removing and replacing your existing lift with a new one.

Frequently asked questions

Here at Stannah, we’ve undertaken hundreds of lift replacements across the UK. We pride ourselves on making this process as painless as possible for our customers, with helpful and clear answers to the key questions shown below.

How do you decommission a lift?

Temporary lift switch-off or lift decommissioning is where a lift is no longer required and is taken out of service but not removed, typically due to a temporary closure of a building between occupiers; in these instances, our local service branch can decommission the lift, providing caretaker maintenance, ready for a time when the lift needs to be recommissioned.

How often should a lift be replaced?

Lifts are designed to last between 15-25 years depending on use, type of lift, quality, and installation. It’s normal for a lift to be replaced or significantly refurbished at least once or twice during a building’s lifespan, sometimes more.

Can you replace a lift?

Lift replacement involves the removal of the lift and replacing it with a brand-new one. It typically requires more money and time than modernisation, but any lift can be replaced, and the existing space be used for a newer one.

How long does it take to replace a lift?

It can take a few days to weeks to replace a lift, depending on the lift type and the number of floors. We’ll work with one of our chosen lift removal companies for safe and quick removal and disposal of existing equipment before installing and commissioning the new lift.

What is the average cost of lift replacement?

The lift replacement cost will depend on the type of lift required and the cost of any additional builders' work. It’s best to speak with a lift company like Stannah to arrange a site visit or give a budget quote on new equipment.

What is the lifespan of a hydraulic lift?

The lifespan is approximately 15 years for a hydraulic lift, as per the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Guide D to Transportation systems in the building.

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