Built for the rigours of heavy use or as outdoor lifts

Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty lift, goods-passenger lift, scratch resistant lift, or full EN 81 71 compliance, we have a range of lift options available.

Our passenger lifts are ideal for demanding built environments, indoors, semi-outdoors or outdoors, such as housing, supermarkets, shopping centres, airports, warehouses, hospitals and stations.

These lifts can be specified for high traffic, large capacities, protection from vandalism and as a BS 8300 1 outdoor elevator. Our Category 1 and 2 vandal resistant lifts include materials and accessories that are durable and water resistant with limited flammability.

At Stannah, we get involved in the full construction and installation of these lift systems. We understand every project is unique, so we are able to advise on a heavy-duty lift, external lift, or vandal-resistant lift that is right for your project

We offer 3 levels of vandal resistance:

Tough finishes

  • Reinforced doors or lift car options
  • Bump rails and protective strips to protect car finishes
  • Vandal resistant floor and wall coverings including rigidised pattern or linen stainless steel
  • IP54 rated buttons
  • Tamper-proof ceilings and lights
  • Mirror stainless steel in place of a glass mirror
  • Preparation for CCTV to record lift usage and capture any vandalism

Category 1

  • Vandal resistant, reinforced car and landing doors
  • Vandal, fire and water-resistant finishes with flexible finishing possibilities including vandal-resistant heavy-duty stainless steel cladding patterns such as 5WL, leather or linen
  • Heavy-duty car with special design including vandal resistant ceiling hatches and LED lights
  • Vandal resistant car operating panel with special release system, IP54 rated push buttons and lift car displays
  • Vandal resistant landing face plates and signalisation
  • Improved car alarm

Category 2

Vandal resistant lifts category 2 provide twice as much effort to;

  • control crushing,
  • shearing,
  • cutting,
  • trapping,
  • impact hazard,
  • electrical and thermal hazard

in a lift where there may be occurrences of vandal resistance than a category 1 lift.

These hardy workhorses are suited to infrastructure environments where human traffic is constant. As hospital lifts where patient beds, stretchers, visitors and goods are moved frequently. Or in housing where tenants demand, means resilient lifts built to meet requirements day and night. So whatever type of lift you need, including external glass lifts, we can provide a solution.

Whilst shaft and lift car sizes can remain the same as our standard passenger lifts each one of these lifts is uniquely configured. Therefore, it’s always worth you getting in touch with the Stannah technical team to discuss your requirements and possible options further.


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