Local lift repairs for any make and model, nationwide

Keeping people and goods moving is vital for any business. A broken or faulty lift can quickly disrupt business operations and create dissatisfaction, so we understand the importance of keeping a lift working.

As the leading independent lift repair company, we can look after all of your lifts – regardless of make, model or age. If your lift breaks down, our priority is to fix it as quickly as possible. Our engineers are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to repair breakdowns and attend to entrapment situations.  

Typically, lift repairs are undertaken by the incumbent lift maintenance provider as part of a good preventative maintenance schedule.

If you're looking for an alternate lift company to take care of your repairs, we can inspect the lift as part of a first-visit report and discuss possible elevator repair services and contract options.

Whatever your service needs, we can help

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Reliable, high-quality lift repair services

When we repair your lift, we use 'open protocol' parts, so any lift maintenance company can maintain your lift, giving you complete freedom.

Our local branches and engineers' vans each hold an extensive range of spare parts. Our highly experienced engineers will work with you to fix your lift quickly to avoid disruption and minimise the risk of future lift breakdowns.

Stannah has a network of 11 service branches across the UK. So no matter where you are, one of our highly experienced engineers is never far away. Our network of service branches can help you with a range of repairs, including: 

  • Hydraulic lift repairs
  • Traction lift repairs
  • Lift motor repairs
  • Platform & wheelchair lift repairs
  • Residential elevator repairs

The rapid response requirements for lift repairs make them a relatively expensive service, normally used only in emergencies. If you find that your lift repairs call outs are increasing, a cost-effective alternative is a lift maintenance package.

Importance of lift servicing

Aside from legislative requirements, how often lifts should be inspected or serviced depends on the type, usage frequency and the number of floors a lift installation is covering. Low usage passenger carrying lifts may only require two services a year to fulfil legal requirements. In contrast, high-frequency use installations in larger and more frequented premises may need more regular servicing to prevent costly breakdowns and possible interruptions to service. 

While current UK law requires a lift service or maintenance visit at least every 6 months if the installation is carrying passengers and once every 12 months if the lift is used only for goods, these are minimum requirements and should be viewed as such. Additional preventative maintenance may be prudent and necessary to achieve optimum performance and minimise the risk of downtime.

As lifts contain mechanical components, they are prone to wear and tear. In addition, electronic systems may need to be re-programmed, and safety systems should be regularly checked.

We offer three levels of service contracts: standard, premium and comprehensive for our lift products to help you choose the best level for your needs, regardless of make or model. You can find out more about our commercial service contracts.

Don't have a Stannah service contract? We can still help.

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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for here, then contact your local service branch who will be able to assist further, or arrange for an engineer to visit if necessary.

​Do you offer lift repair near me?

Our network of 11 service branches and over 350 engineers means we can react quickly to lift repairs and breakdown requests.

Why do lifts breakdown?

Aside from user error, if a lift is being maintained regularly, it will suffer fewer breakdowns. Repeated breakdowns can indicate poor maintenance, too infrequent visits, or a lift at the end of it’s life. 

It is a legal requirement for lifts to be serviced. The owner or duty holder is responsible for ensuring this happens, and as part of this, you should have a lift breakdown procedure.

What should I do if my lift breaks down?

A broken lift is considered an emergency due to the potential safety risks it poses. Therefore, it’s crucial to contact your lift service provider about the breakdown as soon as possible. At Stannah, we provide swift response times to emergency lift repairs, minimising disruption and ensuring the safety of lift users. As part of the callout we’ll provide a full lift breakdown report.

What happens if someone is trapped inside the lift when it breaks down?

The person within the lift car should be able to call for help via the emergency communication device in the lift car. Any reputable lift company will always treat trapped passengers as a priority.

Note: As a general rule, when someone is alone in a building, they should not use a lift.

How do you decommission a lift?

Temporary lift switch-off or lift decommissioning is where a lift is no longer required and is taken out of service but not removed, typically due to a temporary closure of a building between occupants; in these instances, our local service branch can decommission a lift, providing caretaker maintenance, ready for a time when the lift needs to be recommissioned.

For any repairs, service contracts, request a call-out or servicing query, let us help you. 

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