Stannah Passenger Lifts

A comprehensive passenger lift range from 4-33 persons

Since 1867, we have been in the business of lifts. Today our passenger lifts offer solutions for all types of low to medium rise buildings. As a leading UK lift company we offer a range of lifts with a wealth of dimensions and finishes and with the flexibility to supply bespoke solutions too. Our aim is to provide you with a vertical lift that is Part M and EN81-70 compliant, fit for purpose, safe and quality engineered.

A small footprint, space efficient lift, designed for low-usage applications - ideal for both commercial and residential uses.

Capacity: up to 4 person

Load: up to 400kg

Speed: up to 0.15m/s

Travel: up to 7m

Car sizes: 1

BREEAM score: n/a

Drive system: Hydraulic with machine cabinet

Designed with modern living in mind this simple and cost-effective range offers clean, sleek lines and smooth operation.

Capacity: up to 13 person

Load: up to 1000kg

Speed: up to 1.0m/s

Travel: up to 15m

Car sizes: 4

BREEAM score: up to 2 points

Drive system: Hydraulic MRL

When you need more… for that bustling building, larger capacities, more configurations and options – lifts that go higher and faster. 

Capacity: up to 33 person

Load: up to 2500kg

Speed: up to 1.6m/s

Travel: up to 40m

Car sizes: 9

BREEAM score: up to 2 points

Drive system: Traction MRL