Stannah Passenger Lifts

A comprehensive passenger lift range from 6-33 persons

Since 1867, we have been in the business of lifts. Today our passenger lifts offer solutions for all types of low to medium rise buildings. As one of the leading lift companies in the UK we offer two standard lift ranges with a wealth of dimensions and finishes and with the flexibility to supply bespoke solutions too. Our aim is to provide you with a product that is Part M and EN81-70 compliant, fit for purpose, safe and quality engineered.

Designed with modern living in mind this simple and cost-effective range offers clean, sleek lines and smooth operation.

Capacity: up to 13 person

Load: up to 1000kg

Speed: up to 1.0m/s

Travel: up to 15m

Car sizes: 4

BREEAM score: up to 2 points

Drive system: Hydraulic MRL

When you need more… for that bustling building, larger capacities, more configurations and options – lifts that go higher and faster. 

Capacity: up to 33 person

Load: up to 2500kg

Speed: up to 1.6m/s

Travel: up to 40m

Car sizes: 9

BREEAM score: up to 2 points

Drive system: Traction MRL