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Our standard passenger lift range provides so much choice: traction or hydraulic; up to 33 persons; travel up to 40m and a wealth of lift car sizes, finishes and configurations. There is also a large selection of additional options including: glass scenic lifts; low headroom; reduced pit solutions; fire-fighting and vandal-resistant lifts. Additionally, our unique FX structure brings total installation flexibility.

Every Stannah passenger lift is supported by local service and maintenance from our own engineers, nationwide. All of our passenger lifts comply with the latest industry standards so that we provide the best products with the latest technology to save space, energy and running costs.

For buildings with fewer than 6 floors that are looking for a compact and cost-effective solution, our hydraulic Maxilift 2.0 range can provide travel for up to 13 people.

If you need to go higher or faster, our Xtralift 2.0 range offers a greater capacity and faster speeds thanks to an energy efficient traction drive. The Xtralift range can carry up to 33 people.

Should our standard range not quite meet your requirements, our bespoke lift services can provide special lifts. We can provide high-rise or unique finishes to match your specifications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements – we know we can help.

Our standard passenger lift ranges

Maxilift 2.0

Designed for low- to medium-rise buildings with moderate footfall, the Maxilift 2.0 range offers sleek lines and smooth operation. A simple, cost-effective solution available in a wide range of finish options to blend with any interior.

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Xtralift 2.0

For larger buildings with higher footfalls or greater travel, our Xtralift 2.0 range offers a wide variety of configurations and finish options. If you need to carry more people, go higher and go faster, this is the range for you.

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Our standard passenger lifts come in a wide range of sizes from 6-33 persons, all of which are outlined for you here:

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