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Need to move goods, large or small? We've got it covered.

Our wide range of service and heavier-duty goods lifts caters for loads from 50-3000kg. Our dumbwaiter service lifts which are loaded at waist-level and larger floor-level loading Trolleylifts are relied on in catering venues right across the UK. Many models are available from stock and installed in just a few days. Our larger goods lifts, available with or without attendant control, provide solutions for retail, manufacturing, hotels and leisure with models to address low headroom and reduced pit requirements. We know our goods lifts are workhorses, relied on every day, that’s why every Stannah goods lift is supported by local service and maintenance from our own engineers, nationwide.

Need something larger? Our bespoke lift services can help – contact us today to discuss your exact requirements.

Service Lift ranges

Designed for waist height and floor level loading of small goods, from plates and documents to standard roll cages


Europe's most popular range of dumbwaiters offers a huge variety of sizes and configurations, so there's sure to be one that's perfect for your needs. Simple and easy to install, our Microlifts are invaluable to both your home and business.

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When you need to move goods that are that bit heavier, the Trolleylift range makes the everyday movement of bulky goods a doddle. Able to handle loads of up to 300kg, these are the perfect answer to manual handling challenges.

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Goods Lift ranges

Designed for heavy and bulky goods movement, with or without an attendant accompanying the load


Changes in floor level are easily surmounted with our range of Levelmaster low-rise goods lifts. Easily installed and able to carry loads of up to 2000kg, up to 1.5m, they are the perfect answer for moving goods easily and efficiently.

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Goodsmaster Plus

When you need to move larger loads of up to 2000kg, and also need to accompany your load, our Goodsmaster Plus range of goods attendant lifts makes light work of moving heavy loads over multiple levels.

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When you need to move larger loads of up to 3000kg, our Goodsmaster range of goods lifts makes easy work of moving heavy loads over multiple levels.

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