Case Study: The Bug World Experience, Albert Dock, Liverpool

Albert Dock is one of Liverpool’s most important tourist attractions hosting over four million visitors per year, many of which will make a beeline for the BugWorld Experience. Designed to improve access for everyone in public buildings, the Midilift is made for just this type of job.

It features easy-to-use, constant-pressure buttons and joystick, slip-resistant floor and sensitive safety edge that will stop the lift automatically should an obstacle impede it. Finished in matt grey to complement the venue’s décor, the lift operates within its own structure-supported enclosure and fully-glazed shaft, with a ramp to ease entry and exit to the rear of the ground floor. Importantly, the lift helps premises’ owners meet the requirements of the DDA.

A multi-million-pound metamorphosis:

Stage I: The raw material

It took £3.9 million to transform this Grade 1 listed building from Victorian dockside husk to an entertaining and educational UK first. Playing a key role in this transformation were Edinburgh-based design consultancy, Cubit3d, who specified a Stannah Midilift SL for two important reasons – cost-effectiveness and fit.

Stage II: A flexible approach

Before work got fully underway, the tricky vaulted ceilings again demanded ameasure of fine-tuning, as Stannah Salesman, Paul Baird, explains: “The original siting of the lift at a low point in the arch created headroom issues. By shifting the installation to a slightly higher point, the problem was immediately resolved.”

Stage III: A fully-fledged worker

Since opening in July 2009, a Stannah Midilift SL platform lift has beetled into action the moment anyone with compromised mobility wants to access the interactive challenges, games and simulated natural environments ranged over two storeys. From pushchair-wielding parents to wheelchair-users, the lift ensures no one is denied the buggy delights of this fascinating venue, which include touching some of the creatures and even tucking-in to insectivorous ‘delicacies’ from around the world.

“A must for all budding scientists, adventurers and travellers, the BugWorld Experience is the only venue in Britain where they can get up close and personal with insects in such a fun and educational way. Our Midilift helps everyone experience our attraction and it is giving invaluable service to our many visitors.”
Jenny Dobson, The BugWorld Experience General Manager