Case Study: Stannah Passenger Lifts Uphold Mobility in International Bomber Command Centre

Mission: To bring freedom of access for people of all mobilities to International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC), Lincolnshire. Opened in January 2018, this world-class resource is dedicated to the recognition, remembrance and reconciliation of Bomber Command’s role in WWII.

Two passenger lifts must unite two floors of facilities, comprising Digital Archives, Losses Database, three Exhibition galleries, the Hub Café and Guided Tours, all set within 10 acres of Peace Gardens featuring a 31-metre Memorial Spire, Ribbon of Remembrance and Walls of Names.

Hardware: Two Stannah 5-person platform passenger lifts, moving in formation over a distance of 3600mm. 

Specification: The lifts must combine the benefits of platform lifts with the look and feel of passenger lifts to deliver an affordable access solution, for moderate use in a location where space is limited. Key requirements comprise:

•    Wheelchair plus companion capability
•    Hydraulic drive
•    Ability to accommodate a wheelchair and companion
•    Easy-to-use, fully automatic cabin controls
•    Ceiling light
•    Tough light grey vinyl skin plate interior finish to withstand daily use
•    Aesthetically complementary satin stainless-steel sliding door and surrounds
•    Safety features such as grab rails, stud floor, alarm button and emergency intercom.
•    Safe travel at .150 m/s.
•    Wall mounted.
•    Low pit depth and headroom. 
•    Easy to install with minimum builder’s work.

Standards: The lifts must help the IBCC owners meet the requirements of The Equality Act 2010, Part M of the Building Regulations (England and Wales), and BS8300:2018 Code of Practice. UKCA marking and compliance with the latest Machinery Directive are also essential.

The Result: Freedom for all to access the world’s most comprehensive historic records of Bomber Command’s part in the Second World War – ensuring that generations to come can appreciate the contribution of the million people involved, notably the heroism of the 57,861 men and women who lost their lives. 

Nicky Barr, Chief Executive at the International Bomber Command Centre, comments:

“Thanks to the Stannah passenger lifts everyone can experience International Bomber Command Centre’s tribute not only to the bravery and sacrifice of those who served and supported Bomber Command – and their vital role in protecting the freedom we enjoy today – but also to Lincolnshire’s contribution to the outcome of the war.”

As with all Stannah lift products, the Stannah platform lifts are covered by Stannah’s comprehensive lift service plan, which includes four service visits in the first year, with continued lift maintenance by the East Midlands branch of Stannah Lift Services, part of a nationwide network providing comprehensive lift servicing and support.