Case Study: Stannah's in The Breakfast Club!

Stannah lift products crop up everywhere in the UK, including The Breakfast Club – a steadily expanding chain of all-day American diners originating in London. Check out the Microlift 100B service lift and Midilift SL platform lift in the Southwark Street outlet, just a stone’s throw from London Bridge.

These recent installations are just the latest lift products that Stannah has supplied, installed and maintained for The Breakfast Club chain. Microlifts – Stannah’s comprehensive range of not-so-dumbwaiters – are helping to streamline service and keep customers satisfied in The Breakfast Clubs in Canary Wharf and Spitalfields; with another Midilift delivering access for all in the Brighton outlet.

Tim Nunn, The Breakfast Club Design & Development Manager, comments:

"We have installed Stannah lifts in many of our cafes and we have found them to be very reliable. In our London Bridge cafe it's important that we are able to offer the experience of our basement cocktail bar 'Call Me Mr Lucky' to wheelchair users and others with disabilities that may affect their access"
Tim Nunn

The Midilift SL moves people of all mobility levels between the ground-floor diner and basement facilities comprising the Call Me Mr Lucky tequila bar and toilets, kitchen, staff room, staff restroom and office.

Operating at a reassuring speed of .080m/s over a distance of 2885mm, the lift is manually operated with constant pressure controls. The panoramic, fully glazed door makes the interior light and airy, and the roomy 1100mm x 1400mm platform allows for easy manoeuvrability of people and wheelchairs. Light grey, non-slip safety flooring and an intercom optimise user safety.

The Midilift SL complies with all European legislation, including the all-important Equality Act 2010.

The Microlift 100B provides a very large, extra pair of hands, discreetly supporting kitchen and waiting staff in shifting food and tableware between the ground-floor diner and lower-ground kitchen and bar. The adjacent entry door configuration allows for subtle movement of items, away from the eyes of The Breakfast Club customers.

The food lift is finished in satin stainless steel, a hygienic surface that is both durable and easy to clean, it also features rise-and-fall shutters to make loading and unloading easy, with an interlocking feature that adds security of load in transit.

Fully automatic control via robust push buttons makes this food lift easy to use, and the efficient but quiet motor ensures the lift does not intrude on its surroundings when on duty.

Supplied in its own structure, the Microlifts are installed quickly and easily, flexing around the Breakfast Club’s schedule. Each lift also complies with all European legislation, including the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC; UKCA marked; Health & Safety at Work Act; Manual Handling Regulations.

As with all Stannah lift products, the Microlift 100B and Midilift SL platform lift are covered by Stannah’s comprehensive lift servicing, with continued lift maintenance by their local service branch of Stannah Lift Services, part of a nationwide network providing comprehensive lift servicing and support.