Case Study: Stannah's Microlift 50B - 21st century service in a listed guest house

A Stannah Microlift 50B bottom drive service lift (dumbwaiter) has updated service in the Mermaid Street Café, part of the Old Borough Arms, a recently refurbished, Grade II listed guest house in Rye, East Sussex.

Overlooking the Strand Quay, the four star Old Borough Arms hosts 9 double bedrooms with the Mermaid Street Café serving quality refreshments to residents and visitors in this bustling mediaeval market town.

The Microlift 50B dumb waiter transports food, crockery and more, at a speed of 0.35 m/s between the tea rooms’ servery and 1st floor kitchen in the main body of the Old Borough Arms, a distance of 2730mm. With waist-height lift entrances to fit with serving levels it ensures staff safety whilst improving service efficiency.

Supplied in a galvanised, structure-supported frame, the dumb waiter does not require a separate motor room or load-bearing lift shaft. The motor unit is located at the bottom of the shaft, which allows installation where headroom is restricted – one of the deciding factors for specifying a Stannah Microlift 50B, as Tim Duffie, Director of Manning Duffie Architects, explains:

“With limited headroom and the restrictions associated with a Grade II listed building, the service lift had to be bottom drive. Other deciding factors included the Microlift 50B’s through-car capability, as the café servery and the kitchen openings are on opposite sides; and our previous work with Stannah Lifts – we know we can trust their products, installation and after-care service.”

Tim Duffie, Director, Manning Duffie Architects

Housed within an 830mm x 800mm shaft, the dumbwaiter car is constructed in mild steel and finished in grey baked-enamel (RAL 7038), with a stainless steel base and a removable stainless steel shelf to enable easy cleaning. An intercom supports the lift’s operational efficiency.

The Microlift 50B bottom drive meets the Essential Safety Requirements (ESRs) of the Machinery (Safety) Regulations. By installing, owning and operating a service lift it helps owners to meet Manual Handling Regulations and improves the logistics within your building. With the reassurance of continued product service and maintenance by the local branch of Stannah Lift Services (3 visits per year), part of a nationwide network providing 24 hour, 365 days a year support.