Stannah welcomes digital switchover extension

Originally planned for the end of 2025, BT now plans to complete the digital phone line switchover by early 2027. The move follows the introduction of a series of improvements to the programme to protect vulnerable customers and those with additional needs, including telecare users.

The extension is a move that Stannah particularly welcomes as it looks after thousands of stairlifts and homelifts across the UK, allowing domestic customers more time to ensure adequate emergency communication provision in the event of a power failure.

Stannah is urging businesses, like BT to prepare early for the digital switch, especially where a lift may need to upgrade to new equipment to ensure compatibility with a digital line.

The urgency of the early transition for businesses to move from old, analogue landlines onto digital landlines as soon as possible is that the 40-year-old analogue technology is increasingly fragile. Although the year extension allows lift owners more time to transition their lift communication devices, early preparation will enable appropriate budgeting and implementation time, particularly across more extensive portfolios.

To help lift owners who currently rely on PSTN lines for their emergency communication systems to prioritise upgrading to compliant alternatives, like GSM technology, Stannah can offer a cost-effective managed SIM solution as part of an upgrade. 
Stannah’s managed SIM solution provides a reliable emergency communication system for all types of passenger and platform lifts, both Stannah's and other manufacturers. It uses a roaming SIM to ensure a strong signal by connecting to the most optimal network available. 

To ensure a smooth transition and plan your lift’s auto-dialler digital transition before the switchover is complete, contact our team and start exploring a hassle-free managed SIM solution.