The Midilift

Executive homelift

The luxury of a lift in your home

Installing a Midilift in your home will provide easy access to multiple floors at just the touch of a button. Whether discreetly built in or exposed as a feature, a Midilift brings luxury, convenience and value to your home.

Modern simplicity

Our Midilift is classically constructed to provide access that blends into any home. The glass entry door gives a light and airy feel to the lift car and the stylish controls are simple and straightforward to use.  Because this lift is installed within its own self-supporting structure, building work is kept to a minimum.

Key features

  • Powered doors for easy access
  • Notification of floor level and travel direction
  • A range of safety features and sensors have been incorporated in the lift for the safest of journeys
  • Communication system (options available)
  • Back-up battery pack allows the return to the ground floor in the event of a power failure
  • Installing a Midilift will future-proof your property and add value
  • Energy saving LED lighting throughout the lift
  • Fold-down seat
  • Available with a fully glazed cabin and structure

Make it your own

Our Midilift has a wealth of options for you to be able to customise your lift. Choose your preferred type of controls, lift-car finishes, lighting, hand rails and cladding (if required). We will help you create a lift to complement your interior design style.

From quotation to installation, you can count on us

As these are fully enclosed lifts and require some structural work, our team will work with your appointed architect/builder to guarantee a stress free installation and get your home ready for your new lift. We will work closely with your building professional, so you can relax, confident in the knowledge that every step is taken care of. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your lift will be adding a new dimension to your home!

Technical area for architects and builders looking for specifications

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