Xtralift 2.0

An energy efficient lift for larger buildings and busy environments from 6 to 33 persons

The Stannah Xtralift passenger range is for larger buildings and busy environments – to carry more people, faster and higher.

Fitted with an energy efficient high performance gear-less traction drive, passengers are ensured a smooth safe ride with low noise and low energy use. Bespoke finishes and sizes are available and every lift has the option to be made vandal resistant and fire safe.

Offering a range of car sizes and door configurations, our Xtralift range is ideal for any building with pit and headroom limitations. There is also a wide range of finishes and options available, so you can tailor the lift to suit its surroundings. Vandal-resistant and fire-fighting specifications are also available, further enhancing the breadth and capability of the range.

Choose from a traditional wall-mounted configuration or a FX structure-supported lift. The FX structure option offers reduced construction costs compared with the wall-mounted model, and is an ideal solution for timber-framed buildings.

Contact us to arrange a consultation and explore what the Xtralift can offer you.

The Xtralift range at a glance

Standard loads450kg (6 person) to 2500kg (33 person)
Maximum travel
Up to 40m
Speed of travelUp to 1.6m/s
Choice of sizes9
Drive systemGearless Traction Drive, MRL
Car entrancesSingle and through as standard, adjacent as an option

Download our Passenger Lifts overview brochure for full product details. Finishes and options can be found in or Xtralift 2.0 finishes brochure. For technical information such as data sheets and CAD blocks visit our Technical Area.