The Midilift PL domestic platform lift

Simple, stylish home platform lifts

The luxury of a residential platform lift in your home

Installing a Midilift PL home platform lift will provide safe and energy-efficient access to multiple floors with a simple touch of a button. Whether discreetly built-in or exposed as a feature, vertical platform lifts bring luxury, convenience and value to your life.

Our Midilift PL is a perfect home lift for 3 floors or more. There's plenty of room for up to five people or as a wheelchair platform lift. It's high-quality construction fits seamlessly into any home and is also our quietest solution yet - the same volume as a modern refrigerator. It's compact, ultra-light, and an attractive aluminium structure balances minimalism with practicality, and the smart controls are simple to use. 

It's screw-driven system and structure means there's no need for an external cabinet or machine room to power and control your lift - everything is on board. The drive ensures a smooth start and stop every time.

Moreover, every vertical home lift comes with a 24-month warranty, including four service visits per year as standard for added peace of mind.

Key features

  • Prices start from £19,000
  • Fully enclosed structure with a moving platform available in multiple finish options
  • A choice of powered or custom doors for easy access and to blend with any interior. Option of remote control door operation for even easier wheelchair user access
  • Constant pressure controls and a range of safety features ensures intuitive and safe travel
  • Quiet screw-driven platform lift with noise emission level of less than 48dB 
  • Energy-saving LED lighting throughout the lift with switch off mode when not in use
  • A communication system (options available)

Make it your own

Our Midilift PL has a wealth of options for you to be able to customise your vertical lift for your home. Choose from a wide range of finishes and flooring to ensure your domestic platform lift is designed to complement your interior.

From quotation to installation, you can count on us

These are fully enclosed lifts and require some structural work. Our team will work with your appointed architect/builder to guarantee a stress free lift installation prepare your home for your new lift. We'll work closely with your building professional so you can relax, confident in the knowledge that every step is taken care of. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your Midilift PL lift will enhance accessibility to your home!

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