Midilift CL & CLS hydraulic home lifts

Residential lifts for private homes

The ultimate residential elevator range

With the Midilift CL and CLS luxury home elevator ranges, you will enjoy the best in lift design to take you effortlessly from one floor to another. These luxury home lifts will ensure you benefit from the convenience a domestic passenger lift brings for years to come.

Both ranges have full-height cabins and a choice of finishes and options to create your bespoke home lift. These house elevators can be placed in a structure or wall-mounted into a shaft. The CL offers traditional hinged landing doors, whilst the CLS has automatic sliding doors for a more flexible use of space and a passenger lift feel. The glass home lift option, available on both the CL and CLS, introduces practical accessibility to the home and panoramic views - the ultimate bespoke luxurious statement.

Key features

  • These home elevators cost from £24,000
  • Can be wall-mounted or placed in a structure indoors or outdoors
  • A pitless residential elevator, meaning only a shallow pit or ramp and minimal headroom required
  • Fully enclosed lift car in a range of finishes to personalise your luxury residential elevator
  • Energy-saving LED lighting throughout the lift
  • Constant pressure or fully automatic control for intuitive use
  • Notification of floor level and travel direction
  • Hinged landing doors or 2 hour fire rated automatic slidings doors
  • A communication system (options available)

Design your passenger lift for your home

Our residential hydraulic lifts offer a wealth of options for customising. Choose your in-car and external finishes to provide a lift that blends seamlessly with your interior styling. We will help you achieve the lift of your dreams.

Prepare your building works for installation

These domestic elevators require significant building work, so we recommend appointing a building professional. We'll work hand-in-hand with your builder/architect throughout the whole process, from the early stages of the quotation all the way through to the successful completion of your domestic lift installation. A home lift elevator is a permanent addition to your home, so we'll discuss every detail and create an installation plan to suit your criteria.

With more than 150 years of lift expertise, you can trust us to deliver luxury residential home lifts in the UK.

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