The ideal solution for small changes in floor level

The Stannah Levelmaster is a low rise platform goods lift with a carrying capacity up to 2000kg.

Supplied in its own self-supporting structure, it is quick and easy to install. The Levelmaster is an ideal solution where goods need to be moved over a small change in level. It offers a cost-effective, simple solution with a wide range of platform sizes.

Levelmaster features

  • Maximum load up to 2000kg
  • Flexible platform sizes available to suit individual requirements
  • Ideal for low rise travel
  • Low pit requirements (from 90mm)
  • Enclosed platform with half height sides gives the safe and secure movement of goods
  • Hardwearing finishes for excellent durability
  • Choice of entrance configurations
  • Minimal builders work required
  • Fast delivery and installation time
  • Complies with European product standards (EN-1570-1)
  • Helps building owners to conform with manual handling requirements

The Levelmaster at a glance

Standard load up to 2000kg (larger available on request)
Maximum travel Up to 1500mm
Speed of travel Up to 0.05m/s
Choice of sizes Various - contact Stannah for details
Lift controls Constant pressure buttons on landing entrances
Configurations Through or adjacent entrances
Power supply 415v three phase and earth

Download the product brochure for full product details and finishes information. For technical information such as datasheet and CAD blocks visit our Technical Area.