Equipment Removals & Replacements

Safe removal and replacement of all lifting equipment from all manufacturers – with consideration for our environment

All lift equipment has a life cycle, depending on make, model and use. Whilst a product’s lifetime can often be extended by modernisations and refurbishment, but sometimes the most economical solution is complete removal and replacement. When this time comes, our lift removal and replacement services are an ideal way to configure your building with a new lift, escalator or moving walkway.

But an old lift product is not the only reason for a change, so if your building refurbishment requires;

  • A different lift due to the change of use for a building
  • Total building refurbishment that requires a new location for the lifts/escalators
  • Reconfiguration of a lift shaft, including higher travel or extra stops
  • Structural changes in a building
  • Installation of different lift equipment, not requiring a shaft

 What we can offer

Whatever the reason behind changing, there’s a team at Stannah here to help. We offer a broad range of services including; ability to supply and install multiple products, production of Construction Phase plans, involvement in CDM management, full and comprehensive site surveys, dimensional checks, stand-alone equipment removal, providing scaffolding and painting of lift shafts. Through all of this, we ensure we restore the site in accordance with clients’ instructions, provide supporting building work and ensure ecological disposal of all equipment, recycling where possible according to ISO 14001. The work we’ve done on dozens of Network Rail stations and other infrastructure projects in testament to our integrated project management service, from the design of your new lift, or refurbishment of your existing lift we’ve got it covered.

Ensuring safety at all times

We take care of everything we do. The safety of our passengers, our customers and our engineers is our first priority. We will agree a schedule of work that minimises risk and complements the programme of complete works on or around the site, working to OHSAS 18001. Once on site we always keep our clients informed of progress regularly. Our extensive experience ably demonstrates that good communication ultimately leads to good outcomes for all.

Why Stannah?

We are totally focused on winning and delivering projects on time and within budget. We work safely, smartly and fairly. Our customers know they can rely on us to complete the job professionally. We can work collaboratively on a major refurbishment project or take on the role of the main contractor and co-ordinate other suppliers. From our first contact to the delivery of our work, we uphold our brand promise to be 'always true to our word'.

To discuss your removals or request a site survey please contact us.