Loading System Servicing

Providing nationwide services for loading bay equipment

24-hour demands

The movement of goods is ever-more demanding, with online shoppers and 24-hour retailing putting pressure on all the retail processes. Our dedicated department now coordinates this work offered in direct response to requests from existing retail customers. With loading systems added to their existing maintenance services for lifts of all types, escalators and moving walkways, retail and distribution customers can consolidate their lift servicing needs under one single supplier.

Scope of our services

The scope of our loading systems service covers every element of the stock movement process and site entrance security. Products covered are :

  • Dock levellers
  • Scissor lifts
  • Industrial and commercial doors
  • Dock shelters
  • Vehicle restraints and wheel guides
  • Traffic lights
  • Gates and lifting arm access barriers
  • Automatic entrance doors
  • All other associated equipment

Our highly trained engineers will ensure your loading systems are regularly maintained to ensure no interruptions to your operations. We service, repair, refurbish and replace all equipment.

Ensuring safety at all times

We take care in everything we do. Safety on site, of our customers and our engineers is our first priority. We will agree a schedule of work that minimises risk, complements the programme of complete works on or around the site, and minimises disruption.

Why Stannah?

We are totally focused on winning and delivering projects on time and within budget. We work safely, smartly and fairly. Our customers know they can rely on us to complete the job professionally. From our first contact to the delivery of our work we uphold our brand promise to be 'always true to our word'.

To discuss our loading systems expertise in more detail or request a site survey please contact us – we know we can help.