Case Study: The Blackheath Butlers…

When it comes to unbeatable butlering, three Stannah DD50 Microlifts were first choice for Millward Designer Homes in Liskeard Villas – a brand new trio of luxury, 5-bedroom houses in the London suburb of Blackheath.

Ferrying food and tableware between the lower ground-floor kitchen and the ‘butler’s pantry’ on the floor above, each dumbwaiter has made life easier in houses designed to blend with the Arts and Crafts style of this conservation-area village.

Operating at a speed of 0.35m/s, the DD50 Microlift is ideal for carrying loads of up to 50kg. With a car size of 510mm × 320mm × 800mm and a shaft requirement of 725mm × 520mm, it is the most compact, discreet model in Stannah’s range of service lifts making it ideal for use in restricted spaces.

Constructed in mild steel, the product is finished in grey baked enamel with a stainless steel base and removable stainless steel shelves for easy cleaning. Entrances feature counter serving rise-and-fall shutters fitted with safety locks.

Supplied in a long life, galvanised, structure-supported frame, the DD50 Microlift is easy to install as it does not require a separate motor room or load-bearing lift shaft.

The single-phase motor is mounted at the top of the lift structure and drives a high quality reduction gearbox fitted with a traction vee-sheave. An electro-magnetic disc brake is supplied, with emergency release mechanism. The reliable controller and counter-balance drive system ensure minimal electrical consumption.

Senior Projects Manager for Millwood Designer Homes, Chris Wills, comments:

“Our decision to use Stannah reflects our dedication to blending the best in local architectural history with the very latest in modern amenities. Our Managing Director has personal experience of a Stannah Microlift in a private residence and, in specifying the DD50 Microlifts for Liskeard Villas, we were able to maximise the carrying capacity within the available footprint. Importantly, Stannah’s reputation in the market place proved an over-riding factor in the decision-making process.”
Chris Wills, Senior Projects Manager, Millwood Designer Homes

For added reassurance, not only do the Stannah DD50 Microlifts comply with the Essential Safety Requirements (ESRs) of the Machinery (Safety) Regulations (also known as the Machinery Directive and EN 81-3 where applicable), they are also serviced by the Orpington branch of Stannah Lift Services, part of a nationwide network providing 24 hour, 365 days a year support.