Case Study: ​Graze Bar & Kitchen, Lymington

A transparent Stannah Microlift has been installed in Graze – Bar & Kitchen, a new restaurant in the attractive waterside town of Lymington in Hampshire.

The dumbwaiter service lift has been installed to make the best use of the three floor premises, without compromising the quality of customer service. The lift goes from the working kitchen on the upper floor to the ground and lower ground floor serving areas below. The lift shaft is totally glass so the travelling lift car can be seen within.

The lift is constantly in use as Graze is hardly ever closed. The restaurant opens from 10am to midnight six days a week as an all day Tapas and wine bar, also serving breakfast, snacks and morning coffee, lunches, teas and dinners.


The Stannah Microlift is part of a range of goods lifts for loads from 50-1500kg. All the lifts are supplied in a structure-supported framework so complete design freedom can be given to exactly how the structure is clad. In the case of the Graze lift a large beam was added to the external structure of the lift to match in with the interior of the restaurant.

Stannah are happy to work with their clients to achieve the ‘look’ they desire. Incorporating the service lift into the main body of the restaurant has benefits beyond the aesthetic; the lift is easily accessible and does not take up space in a busy kitchen, the lift is always immaculately clean reflecting the whole business very positively, tables can be cleared quickly and efficiently on each level of the building.

“Our premises are very quaint with low ceilings and beams so space is at a premium. We could not operate without the Microlift but were reluctant to box in the lift shaft creating less light on every floor. Encasing it in glass makes a feature of the lift, ensures we keep it spotlessly clean and gives the illusion of maintaining the original space on our two serving floors. It looks so attractive we are thinking of adding coloured lights to the structure, to add to our evening atmosphere.”
Kate and Niki Robinson, Restaurant owners