Case Study: Historic ​Stannah Piccolo Lift Plays Vital Role in Modern Nursery

Stannah Piccolo lift installed in 1990 continues to respond to the daily service needs of Tiger Lily Day Nursery, an Ofsted-registered childcare facility in Halesowen, West Midlands.

The 3-person lift currently caters to a scrum of high-energy tots and their carers, ferrying staff, refreshments and equipment between two floors – which is just what you’d expect from Stannah, a company celebrating 150 years at the forefront of the UK lift industry.

This is a double whammy for the Piccolo, which has bridged the senior-to-junior age gap, having been installed 27 years ago when the property was The Stockings, a residential care home – which proves that it’s more about the life in your lifts than the lifts in your life!

Either way, Manager of Tiger Lily, Melissa Rexworthy, is delighted with the lift:

“We inherited this Piccolo lift and are very glad of its services. It plays a vital role in helping us to keep our charges happy, stimulated and refreshed (and us too, for that matter!). All good news for parents – that their children are in safe, nurturing hands.”
Melissa Rexworthy, Manager, Tiger Lily Day Nursery

The Piccolo enjoys a flamboyant exterior in Tiger Lily’s hallmark purple and green, with a hinged access door. The interior, however, reflects its maturity, with off-white vinyl skin plate walls, concealed ceiling lighting, half-height rear mirror, carpet-tile floor, and original operating panel, complete with heritage Stannah logo – more bluebird than pterodactyl!

Ancestor of today’s machinery-directive Piccolo lift, this indestructible Stannahsaur owes its survival to superior genetics and the support of ‘International Rescue’ – a comprehensive lift servicing plan delivered by the West Midlands and Mid Wales branch of Stannah Lift Services, part of a nationwide network providing comprehensive lift servicing and support.

With a plethora of Piccolos still in service and over 25 years old, Stannah has high hopes of the modern generations of Stannah Piccolo.