Case Study: ​Meet Maxi – A Super-Fit Yam-Yam* Stannahsaur!

If 29 is prehistoric in lift years then the Stannahsaur Maxilift passenger lift installed in Wolverhampton health insurance company, Paycare, is a robust beast with blistering survival skills.

With facilities ranged over four floors, Maxi delivers access for people of all mobility levels in this not-for-profit organisation specialising in healthcare plans to protect individuals, families and businesses from everyday healthcare costs.

Installed in 1988, Maxi made Paycare a leader in equal access, long before the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and Equality Act 2010 made access for all a legal requirement in the workplace and wider society.

Emily Glew, Paycare Marketing & Partnerships Manager, is quick to extol Maxi’s virtues:

“Our Stannahsaur 4-person Maxilift helps staff, customers and visitors move quickly, easily and safely between all levels in Paycare House. As a leading provider of healthcare plans, it’s imperative that we cater for people of all mobilities, including wheelchair users, and Maxi does this unfailingly – in its own inimitable style!”

Apart from a retrofit controller, Maxi maintains its authentic 80s components and looks. From the cream doors and purple textile walls to the brown vinyl stud flooring (to match the carpeted hallways), it’s a lift enthusiast’s dream.

The blistering survival skills are down to superior genetics and the support of the West Midlands and Mid Wales branch of Stannah Lift Services, part of a nationwide network providing comprehensive lift servicing and support.

What better way for Stannah to celebrate 150 years at the forefront of the UK lift industry, than to sniff out its longest-serving lifts? With a plethora of Maxilifts still in service and over 25 years old, Stannah has high hopes of the modern generations of Stannah Maxilifts.

NB: Now that they’re in the spotlight, Stannahsaurs of every type are rearing their competitive heads throughout the UK. Built to last, they set the bar for their descendants. Several sites of special scientific interest are currently under investigation, which is great news for lift-fossil owners and their many fans. So watch this space!

* Yam Yam: Black Country dialect for a person, Yam Yam derives from 'you am' e.g. 'yam coming with me ay ya?'