Case Study: Moving walkway at 5Rise - Bingley

Comprising 59,500 sq. ft of new and refurbished retail space across 18 individual shop units, the plan focuses on the core of the town and aims to provide a much-improved environment for residents and visitors alike. The vision centres on three elements: development, transport and environmental projects.

A Stannah moving walkway – a first for 5Rise

Not only is the 5Rise complex the first completed stage of the development, it is also the site of the first moving walkway installation. Without this trail-blazing Stannah moving walkway, pedestrians would have to navigate a compromising route, including a flight of steps, between the external ground floor south car park and the shopping centre on the upper level.

Installation origins – a Borough’s need and a developer’s vision

In recognition of the need for large-scale urban regeneration, Bradford MDC had consigned the original District Shopping Centre of Myrtle Walk for demolition and total redevelopment. Harrogate developers, 4Urban, recognised the potential, bought the plot, and seized the opportunity to regenerate most of the existing buildings. They added some new build for the new Co-operative food store and also relocated the library to a state-of-the art facility within the scheme. The result is the new 5Rise shopping centre, library and apartments that will act as a catalyst for the next phases of the redevelopment of the town-centre.

Delivering the Stannah difference

All external finishes on the moving walkway had to be water-resistant resulting in a spectrum of watertight materials from galvanised and satin stainless steel to vulcanised synthetic rubber, aluminium and glass. Stannah also tailored the pallet with an anti-slip coating to maximise passenger safety.

Whilst LED lighting featured throughout the unit, Stannah also specifically incorporated it into the inner decking as an extra safeguard. Light-sensitive LED lighting powers into action in response to external conditions and contributes to pedestrian safety.

Ian Catherall, Project Architect at FJ Architects, described the project as ‘challenging’ as designing for and around a fully external moving walkway within a part existing and part new build construction was a first time experience for this Wakefield-based practice. FJ Architects worked closely with Stannah, then main contractor Spring and Co. of Leeds and all other relevant subcontractors to ensure a smooth and trouble free installation.

Particular attention was paid to the co-ordination of the installation and the construction detailing. Given all these considerations, ‘the project went very well indeed’, according to both Ian Catherall and David Saunders, Technical Manager for Stannah Lift Services.

“FJ Architects is a highly experienced practice but this moving walkway was a challenge for us: a first for design and for sourcing a fully waterproof unit. Not only did Stannah provide the most competitive product but it was also one of the few manufacturers that offered a warranty for full external use. This was the USP that swung the vote in favour of a Stannah moving walkway for the 5Rise development.”
Ian Catherall,Project Architect, FJ Architects, Wakefield

The anatomy of a Stannah moving walkway

The inclined moving walkway in operation at 5Rise is a commercial service model suitable for an outdoor application. Which means it’s waterproof – the USP that swayed the contract in Stannah’s favour. This vertical travel walkway is engineered for comfort, safety and energy efficiency, working with the shopping trolleys in that the wheels lock into the bed of the travel plane to ensure safety at all times.

The basic specification includes:

  • Length: 16 metres
  • Speed: 0.5 m per second
  • Vertical rise: 2210mm
  • Angle: 12°
  • Distance: 16 metres
  • Capacity: 9000 passengers per hour

Aesthetics include:

  • Balustrades: transparent 10mm thick tempered safety glass panel
  • Handrail: black synthetic rubber with high contrast dots, continuous vulcanised with steel cord reinforcement and nylon cord gliding surface
  • Handrail guide frame: aluminium profile frame
  • Cladding: satin stainless steel cladding to the sides and soffit

Safety features include:

  • Directional key switches and emergency stop buttons at the end of each unit
  • An automatic announcement system that broadcasts guidance and safety messages
  • A safety brake that will automatically stop the walkway when the power is interrupted.

LED lighting – a bright future

To direct pedestrians safely into the complex, the walkway is lit by eco-friendly, light-sensitive LED units, a lighting system that beats traditional lighting tubes for a number of reasons:

  • Responds accordingly to all light conditions for optimum safety
  • A longer life time of around 50,000 hours
  • Saves on a maintenance fee
  • A 70% greater energy saving capability
  • Poses a zero hazard of mercury or lead leaking into the environment
  • Generates less heat
  • Produces continuous steady light (no fluorescent flickering)
  • Less breakable

A ‘5 Star’ performance

Capable of moving up to 9,000 passengers per hour, the Stannah moving walkway is making light work of the increasing footfall at 5Rise as shoppers respond to the revitalised pull of new and existing retail outlets:

  • Co-operative food store: £1million, 11,500 sq.ft. anchor tenant and first port of call for pedestrians alighting from the Stannah moving walkway
  • Other existing retailers such as Boots, Natwest, Greggs, Timpsons, Klick and Betfred are also experiencing a commercial rebirth
  • New outlets include Browns Café Bar, Santander and Home Bargains.