Case Study: Souping up service in Sainsbury's

Three Stannah people and goods moving products have made shopping even more convenient for everyone in the newly extended Bybrook, Kent branch of giant UK superstore chain, Sainsbury’s.

Located back-of-house, the 2500kg, hydraulic-drive ‘F1-type’ goods/passenger lift provides secure, efficient movement for staff and Sainsbury’s TU fashion range between the ground-floor warehouse and 1st floor TU department. Manual car and landing shutter gates, measuring 1800mm wide x 2100mm high, ensure load stability and safety during travel at a contract speed of 0.5mps. Designed to withstand the demands of vigorous retail environments, this is the first of several ‘F1-type' goods/passenger lift installations by Stannah.

Operating between the ground-floor entrance area and food hall and first-floor TU clothing department, café, cloakrooms and baby-changing facilities, two ST inclined moving walkways deliver secure, efficient movement for shoppers and their trolleys. Supported by clear glass panel balustrades, the extra slim handrails feature strategically-sited, tactile white markers to assist the partially sighted. Safe travel for all is furthered assured by an automatic announcement system that broadcasts guidance and alert messages.

To comply with BREEAM, the world's foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings, the full VVVF (variable voltage, variable frequency drive) system enables slow speed control when low traffic usage is required.

Working in partnership with principle contractor, Longcross Construction Limited, the ‘F1-type’ goods/passenger lift was supplied, installed tested and commissioned in just five weeks by Stannah’s Major Projects team, and the moving walkways were supplied, installed, tested and commissioned by Stannah’s EMW team to a specification by international consulting services company, Lerch Bates.

The project was supported by Store Manager, John Webb:

“The extension reflects Sainsbury’s response to a growing market and the demand for increased convenience – a greater range of products and facilities under one roof. The Stannah goods/passenger lift and moving walkways support this ethos by improving service and convenience to all our customers.”
John Webb, Store Manager

All three Stannah lift products are serviced by the Dartford branch of Stannah Lift Services, a nationwide network providing 24 hour, 365 days a year support. This covers service, repair, modernisation and refurbishment of all types of lifts, stairlifts, escalators and moving walkways – not only those from the Stannah product range, but also other lift manufacturers’ equipment. Stannah also offers a bespoke lifts service, custom-building lifts to meet customers’ specific requirements.